The launch of the Days Gone PC is just over a week away, debuting on the PC platform for the first time on May 18th after being a PlayStation console exclusive for a while. Although we’ve already seen the official PC system requirements, developer Bend Studio has revealed some interesting information in a pre-launch FAQ.

Most of the Days Gone FAQ touches on information we already know, like a May 18th release, as well as including all post-launch content that was released on the PlayStation 4 console, plus other PC-specific features. However, there’s also some more details that are quite interesting, including the mention of DLSS.

On the topic of whether Days Gone will support DLSS on PC, the developers stated that it is not supported “at this time,” and so could possibly be implemented later down the line. The mention of DLSS can also spark speculation on ray tracing, but Bend Studio revealed that it won’t be supporting ray tracing at all.

The developers have also kindly uploaded a photo to showcase all the PC graphics settings that players can adjust, and one would assume the current settings are those equivalent to the console version, which means there’s some room to improve the quality beyond the PS4 release.

For those currently annoyed at the lack of this setting in Resident Evil 8, Days Gone will indeed include an FOV slider “up to a maximum of 100 degrees.” Plus, you can see a Render Scale slider which is always nice to see these days. Apart from that though, there isn’t really any other settings worth noting.

What do you think? Are you excited for Days Gone? Have you played it on console already? Will you be playing for the first time or second time round? And would you be interested to see DLSS support? Let us know!

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