Capcom’s latest venture in the Resident Evil universe has clearly paid off, as they have just announced some record sales numbers for Resident Evil 8 which just launched last Friday, already selling over 3 million copies and beating Resident Evil 7’s launch. Though it comes close behind series performers RE5 and RE6.

To put it into perspective, Resident Evil 7 sold over 2.5 million copies in 4 days, and last year's Resident Evil 3 Remake sold 2 million copies in 5 days. Resident Evil 8 is currently matching Resident Evil 2 Remake’s launch sales, which also surpassed 3 million copies sold in just 4 days.

Despite that, the series’ most notoriously hated sequels Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6 are still the strongest sellers, with the latter achieving 4.5 million sales in 2 days and was Capcom’s biggest record launch until Monster Hunter: World surpassed it in 2018 with 6 million sales.

But that doesn’t mean RE8 was a flop, as it currently remains as the biggest launch of an RE game on Steam, smashing the record for all time concurrent players by breaking over 100,000 concurrent players on launch day.

Capcom is hoping for Resident Evil Village to be the best selling entry in the RE franchise. Even though RE7 did not receive the biggest launch numbers or concurrent players, it has gone on to be the best selling entry in the series so far with a total of 8.5 million copies sold.

Apart from that, Capcom also revealed that the entire Resident Evil franchise has now surpassed over 100 million total sales since the first game launched in 1996. 21 years later and the series is still going strong, which says a lot about how the RE universe has changed and adapted over the years, and how much fans still care about this series so many years later.

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