Capcom’s beloved Resident Evil franchise first debuted in 1996, and since then countless sequels and spin-offs have been created and released within the RE universe. Depending on who you ask, you could get a completely different answer to the question: what is your favorite Resident Evil game?

So we wanted to ask you guys just that, in celebration of the recent release of Resident Evil 8 last Friday and the overwhelming critical acclaim and success it has achieved. Is RE8 the best Resident Evil game of all time? Or does it still have something to compete against?

First of all, since there are so many RE games out there we’re going to separate them into two different groups, and since picking a favorite can be so difficult sometimes everyone can just vote for their top 3 favorite games from the mainline series, and then we’ll see who are the truly crowned as the best RE games of the franchise.

We also won’t be listing any of the spin-off titles in the polls, since there are so many and they are so varied. Instead, if you really want to give a shout out to one of the spinoffs then just post a comment about it in the discussion area below!

As the RE franchise grows, it will undoubtedly attract new fans and it can be quite overwhelming to see all the extra content they could be experiencing as well. So hopefully this will allow some new players to see what other games they should check out.

And on the topic of the polls below, the ‘mainline’ series does not include the remakes, we’re talking about the original low-poly games of the PlayStation 1-2 era, as the Remakes are in a completely separate ballpark of their own and deserve their own poll.

So what do you think? What is your favorite Resident Evil game? Have you played many from the series? Or are you a new fan? Where would you recommend new players to start? Let us know!

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