Nintendo have always made some beloved and fun games. However, they are always exclusive to their own platform, which means hundreds of players often miss out on opportunities to play them. Thankfully, one studio is looking to capture the world of Animal Crossing on PC, and their Early Access period is launching soon.

Hokko Life will be launching into Early Access next month on June 2nd via Steam, and is essentially a PC version of Animal Crossing, which is something PC players have been begging for from Nintendo (though they doN(’t)-inten-do hehe… I spent far too long on this joke to even admit.)

There’s obviously a lot that Hokko Life needs to do in order to differentiate itself from the Animal Crossing style, but at the same time PC players haven’t been able to play any Animal Crossing game on the platform since ever, so a pretty close clone is surely welcome.

Plus, of course, it will be in Early Access so there’s a lot that can be updated and improved upon before the official release.

What do you think? Are you excited for Hokko Life? Will you be playing it on Early Access? Have you been wanting an Animal Crossing game on PC? Let us know!

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