We are just over a week away from the official release of THQ Nordic’s furry kung-fu martial arts game Biomutant, and so far we haven’t actually seen a lot of the game in raw, unedited form. Thankfully, the publisher has released some videos to give us a better look at how well the game performs and plays on PC and consoles.

The latest unedited gameplay footage for Biomutant shows off PC performance, combat, quests, and more. Unfortunately THQ Nordic did not disclose what kind of PC hardware was used to play and capture the gameplay, but it seems to run relatively smooth which is at least a good sign:

The official PC system requirements for Biomutant have already been revealed, which were a little more demanding than most modern games, but not too bad at least. Either way it seems like it will be a pretty demanding game.

Interestingly, it seems whoever was playing on PC didn’t have nearly as much practice as that on console, so if you want to check out what some of the combat can really look like there was a specific Biomutant combat trailer a while ago, or you can check out the same scene as above but on the PlayStation 4 Pro/Xbox One X:

What do you think? Are you excited for Biomutant? What do you think of the gameplay above? Does it look good? Or are you a little hesitant now? Let us know!

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