Intel had a bit of a dip recently, but seems to be bouncing back in full spirits as they work on releasing their first discrete desktop graphics card in the middle of a global GPU shortage. The Blue Team is also currently getting ready to launch their next 12th Gen Core Alder Lake series of processors, but have also just celebrated a new milestone with their next lineup after Alder Lake.

Intel got themselves into hot water recently when it was revealed that their 7nm process node had once again been delayed until 2023, which ended up getting them a lawsuit. However, with a new CEO at the head the company has just announced they have officially ‘taped in’ their first 7nm processor, codenamed Meteor Lake.

Great way to start the week! We are taping in our 7nm Meteor Lake compute tile right now,” said the Executive Vice President & GM of Intel's Client Computing Group. “A well-deserved celebration by the team on this milestone.” Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger also chimed in with: “Taping in! Good progress!

‘Taping out’ is the final stage of designing a chip before it gets sent for manufacturing, with ‘taping in’ being another stage in the design period before all that happens. Essentially, it’s another step towards actually producing the chip in a foundry and selling it to customers. It’s still not expected to launch until 2023, but it is exciting given the troubles Intel has had with the 7nm process.

The question is though: who will actually be manufacturing the chips? Intel will be using TSMC to manufacture their upcoming Xe graphics cards, and so far Intel has yet to confirm whether they will still be using their internal foundries for Meteor Lake.

Either way, it’s an exciting step in Intel’s pipeline, which should see the company getting back on its feet after the numerous issues and a weak launch of the 11th Gen Rocket Lake series earlier this year. But first we’ll have to see if their new hybrid desktop architecture for Alder Lake pays off later this year.

What do you think? Are you excited for Intel’s Meteor Lake? What will the Intel and AMD situation be like? Who will remain on top? Let us know your thoughts!

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