In the past few months we’ve been getting more and more news about EA’s next Battlefield game. Although we’re short on any official information, multiple leaks and rumors have come out leading up to the Spring reveal event that EA promised back in February. Now we have an official date for the reveal at least.

Battlefield 6 will be officially revealed on June 9th at 7am PT. For everyone else that means 10am ET, 3pm BST, 4pm CEST, and midnight (12am) AEDT. It’s currently unclear as to the extent of the reveal and how long it will be, but we have some guesses at least.

Based on the recent leaks and rumors, BF6 will be set around 10 years in the future from now, giving it a near-future setting with near-future military technology. That kind of lines up with leaked images so far, but the real kicker is that... get this... the game will apparently be ditching the number in its name and just be called ‘Battlefield’. What a fresh take.

You’ll also apparently be a specialist mercenary who can choose to work for either the US or Russia. The Firestorm Battle Royale mode will also supposedly make a return but with a fresh update, which we might see during the reveal.

Speaking of the reveal, as to what exactly will be revealed is also unclear, but considering it’s just a few days before E3 2021 and a full month before the EA Play livestream, we can wager we won’t get too much information about Battlefield 2021 during the June 9th reveal. Instead, we’ll probably get a nice trailer, maybe a brief look at some gameplay, before a full deep dive into the gameplay either during E3 2021 or EA Play 2021.

What do you think? Are you excited for Battlefield 6? What do you think we’ll see at the reveal? What changes/updates would you like to see to the gameplay formula compared to previous games? And how do you feel about the near future setting? Let us know!

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