Palia is a new community MMO from ex-Riot Games devs

Written by Neil Soutter on Sun, Jun 6, 2021 3:00 PM

There’s a lot of MMOs these days, and with so many to choose from its quite hard to even tell the differences between them. Well, some ex-Riot Games devs formed their own games studio, and after 3 years have unveiled their very first debut title: a cosy MMO that emphasises more on community and socialising than the actual fighty bit.

Palia is the new MMO from Singularity 6 - a studio that was founded by Aidan Karabaich and Anthony Leung, formerly developers at Riot Games - and seems to be quite different from other MMOs out there. You can build and decorate your own homes with over 1000 decor items at launch. Check out the trailer below:

Set in a beautiful and inviting fantasy world, Palia is a community simulation massively multiplayer online (MMO) game where players can build a home and life, meet and befriend a compelling cast of characters, and experience an evolving narrative with other players,” the description reads.

It has the Fortnite cartoonish art style (hell it even has gliders right at the end of the trailer), and although it focuses a lot more on community and socializing aspects, there will clearly be some form of combat as evident by the characters carrying bows and a fishing net at the end.

Pre-Alpha for Palia is beginning this Summer, so if you want to get a chance at playing it during that time you can sign up and register here.

What do you think? Are you excited for Palia? What MMO do you play the most now? What draws you to Palia compared to other MMOs? And what would you like to see differently from them in Palia? Let us know!

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19:51 Jun-06-2021

Personally, I am not really target audience for it, but I am curious to see what they will make. MMO genre could use some new great game, but whether this will be it or not, we have yet to see. Plus whether it will really be quite different or if it will be classic MMORPG meets Stardew Vally or Animal Crossing with customizable housing.It is from former Blizzard and Riot developers so we will see.

17:55 Jun-06-2021

"Seems to be quite different"
Shows absolutely nothing different, their only feature being customised homes because that's new?

Also shows large "inspiration" from Fortnite as referenced by the article itself.

I have thought every game Riot has made has knocked it out of the park, whatever they set out to do they did it pretty darn well.

However I can see why Riot wouldn't greenlight this themselves and the devs had to leave to strive for it themselves because its just not unique or provide anything at all. As of yet.


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