Up For Debate - If you could play any game for the first time again, which one would it be?

Written by Chad Norton on Sun, Jun 13, 2021 5:00 PM
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Video games are a great source of entertainment for anyone of any age, but as with any other medium and piece of art you can only ever experience them for the first time once. No matter how long you wait until you play/watch/read something again, it will never be exactly like that first time.

All those emotional moments, those twists and turns, character developments etc. will only ever be as significant as the first time you play. You can arguably get close to that first-time experience, but will never be able to re-experience it for the first time ever again.

So, hypothetically, let’s say you can play any game for the first time again, which one would it be and why? You can only choose one though, so choose carefully.

There’s a plethora of games to choose from, and as games have improved and evolved over the years, storytelling ability and technical achievements have also increased. So I’d wager we’ll see more games in the Discussion area below from within the past few years rather than any older games.

That’s not to say any older games didn’t have the same emotional impact as any of the new ones, but it definitely seems like more and more games these days have exceptional storytelling and gameplay.

For me, and this is probably a pretty cliche answer, but I would have to choose The Witcher 3 as my choice. To me that was, and still is, the best game I have ever played and has had a lasting impact on how I play and perceive other games and stories of other mediums. If I could only experience 1 game for the first time again then that would absolutely be my choice, without a doubt.

But what about you? If you could play any game for the first time again, which one would it be? And why? Was it a fairly recent game? Or something from when you were younger? And do you feel the quality of games overall has improved recently? Or has it stayed the same or even gotten worse? Let’s debate!

Do you think the overall quality of games has improved recently?

What is your favorite genre of video game?

Do you prefer a good story good gameplay or an equal balance of both?

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