The highly anticipated upcoming sci-fi RPG from Bethesda has been a bit of a mystery for a while now, but this weekend marked the first time we actually got to see or hear something ever since that original announcement trailer back in 2018. But whilst we still don’t have a lot of information yet, we do have a release date. Oh, and also a recent interview with Bethesda Executive Producer, Todd Howard, in which they give us a couple more details about the game.

According to Howard, Starfield will be a little bit different from what we normally expect in a typical Elder Scrolls or Fallout game whilst still feeling familiar. It will be Bethesda’s first game using the Creation Engine 2, so expect a lot of differences but also that core Bethesda charm.

The game is set about 300 plus years in our own future,” Howard said. “And Constellation is this kind of last group of space explorers. It’s like NASA meets Indiana Jones meets the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, a group of people that are still searching for answers.

It's also a bit more hardcore of a roleplaying game than we've done,” Howard continued. “It's got some really great character systems—choosing your background, things like that. We’re going back to some things that we used to do in games long ago that we felt have really let players express the character they want to be.

That may be good news to some more diehard RPG fans who may have found recent Bethesda games to be light in the RPG department. Fallout 4 for instance was heavily criticized for having limited roleplaying capabilities, so it sounds like Bethesda has heard that feedback and crafted something more akin to their original RPG games.

Of course some staples of Bethesda game design will be there too: Starfield is a first and third-person game, allowing you to choose whatever perspective you want. There’s also the freedom to go out and do whatever and explore whatever you want outside of the overarching plot: “and if you just want to pass the time and go watch the sunset and pick flowers it's rewarding in that way too,” Howard said.

They also touched on how the ship design is very much inspired by the past and present space programs: “So if you look at the ship – you can probably design a much sleeker ship 300 years in the future, right? But this has touchstones back to the current space program," Howard said. "So in your mind, you can draw this line between them.

And if you were wondering, yes there will be fully-fledged alien races that you can interact with, not just alien creatures found on other planets. There’s not much more detail on it than that, but there will be a lot of other factions in the game that you can become a part of:

It’s kind of like Skyrim in terms of the structure of the game, where you’re going to be who you want to be, and then there’s different factions that you can join, and really carve your own path.

What do you think? Are you excited for Starfield? What’s your favorite Bethesda RPG so far? What improvements or changes are you hoping to see in Starfield? Let us know!

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