After years of waiting for even a single drop of something, it seems that we’re getting more information of From Software’s highly anticipated upcoming soulslike in a week than we’ve ever gotten in the years since its announcement. A recent interview has brought up some very interesting details in case you’re curious.

Thanks to the Summer Game Fest showcase last week just before E3 2021 started, we now know exactly when Elden Ring will launch (hopefully): January 21st 2022. Following the official gameplay reveal, Game Director Hidetaka Miyazaki recently took part in an interview where they shared details on the game’s length, multiplayer, character creation and more.

There’s the usual FromSoft staples here, including extensive character creation, multiple game endings, open-ended gameplay etc. There’s a lot to talk about following the interview, but thankfully Redditor r/AidThisFellowUser has compiled all the details into a handy list below.

The original interview was conducted in Japanese, and the following is a translation of that interview. As such there are some minor grammatical and spelling errors which we have edited in order to make it flow better, but full credit goes towards r/AidThisFellowUser for their work in translating the interview:

  • George R.R Martin wrote down the base for Elden Ring's world, the rest was made by From Software
  • Elden Ring is the basis for what From Software wants to build with future games
  • The main character's story and appearance is built by the player, unlike Sekiro.
  • The game will have a way to lead the player to quest objectives, but you don't need to obey it.
  • "The number of bosses in the game will be limited", there are no order for boss fights. Will have optional bosses.
  • Players will build the story by collecting fragments like in Dark Souls (i.e: bits of lore revealed through items and NPCs)
  • Six major areas that function as distinct dungeons, ruled by demigod characters.
  • The game has a main hub/town.
  • Same gameplay system for Dark Souls applied to Open World
  • You can summon a "spiritual body" to aid you in combat (summoning system). Spirits can be collected and equipped as items. There are different types of spirits (use them for assaults, as decoy, for defense etc). Spirits can be improved and there are also rather useless spirits with other traits.
  • Game will have multiple endings
  • Game will have much higher degree of freedom than previous games
  • Battle arts from Dark Souls III will return but are not fixed to a weapon (~100 techniques)
  • Confident that Elden Ring will arrive on its release date.
  • The game will have support for multiplayer (4 player) during exploration on the open fields (but you are not able to ride your horses in multiplayer apparently) .
  • Elden Ring will be more "manageable" due to the many different options the player has during world explorations and encounters, but there are still many tough enemies.
  • Fall damage is low to keep explorers motivated .
  • There is a world map - but the actual dungeons do not have a map.
  • Game will have a crafting system with materials
  • Miyazaki guesses playtime is around 30 hours "without too many side trips".
  • The asynchronous multiplayer elements from Dark Souls return; you can (apparently) set up groups and give their messages/dead bodies etc. higher priority.
  • Game has a keyword system and no limit on multiplayer group size (co-op is 4 players).

There’s some really interesting design changes in there that at first might make you think Elden Ring is not quite a traditional soulslike. But as Miyazaki said this will be a basis for developing future games off of. Obviously we’ll have to wait until it’s actually in our hands to see how good it feels.

Additionally, that 30 hour playtime may seem a little short, but remember that this is not taking into account exploration or optional areas. Both Dark Souls 2 and Sekiro can take around 30-40 hours to complete from start to finish, but if you try and do everything the game has to offer that comes to more like 80 hours. So expect the same situation with Elden Ring.

What do you think? Are you excited for Elden Ring? What new changes/details listed above surprise you or excite you? And what’s your favorite FromSoft title so far? Let us know!

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