Just over a week from now Microsoft is planning to officially reveal the next generation of Windows, but it looks like an early build has been leaked online which reveals some new design changes as well as the official name: Windows 11. So let’s take our first look at the next generation of the Windows Operating System.

According to multiple sources, an early preview build of Windows 11 has been leaked online and some users have managed to get their hands on it and take a look at what’s changed. Bear in mind that this is not the final build that Microsoft will be releasing, so there’s still a few things that need to be added or changed.

The first 2 noticeable changes are the centralized taskbar and rounded corners. Some users have pointed out the design is leaning more towards the MacOS style, which you can definitely see some inspiration in the design. If you are bothered by the centralized task bar though you can always revert back to the original layout and move them to the left side.

There’s also a new Start button and menu in Windows 11, with some even pointing out similarities to the Windows 10X UI, which was eventually cancelled in favor of W11 instead. If you hated the tile design of the Start menu in the latest Windows OS, then thankfully those are gone in Windows 11’s Start menu.

According to the users who had access to this leaked build, not everything featured the new design changes and so felt largely unfinished. As such, only certain apps appear to have the new rounded corners feature.

There also seems to be the return of the Windows Widgets, which seems incomplete at the moment as they don’t load fully but they will eventually provide easy and quick access to the latest news, weather announcements, and more content from the internet.

There’s also some new snap controls, which allow you to more accurately pick a side/size of the window so you can work on multiple windows in the same instance. It’s a bit hard to explain in just screenshots so here's a short video demonstrating the new feature:

There doesn’t seem to be any big updates to the Windows Store though, which is thought to be a big change and has been rumored for a while now. However, there is a new startup sound to enjoy! Take a listen below:

Of course, Microsoft also owns Xbox and subsequently has integrated the Xbox app into Windows 11, allowing users to quickly access the Xbox Game Pass, as well as the Xbox store and social experiences. However, the Xbox Game Bar and Windows Game Mode still remain similar to the Windows 10 build.

It seems that Windows 11 is indeed a proper successor to the cancelled Windows 10X, which was initially designed for dual-screen devices and laptops, which explains the simplified design changes. It’s a bit hard to get used to, but is nowhere near as drastic as the Windows 8 changes.

We’ll be getting our first official look at Windows 11 when Microsoft plans to reveal it on June 24th. By then we might see a few design changes here and there but we imagine it will largely stay the same.

So what do you think? How do you feel about the Windows 11 design changes? Are you excited for the next Windows OS? What excites you the most? And what puts you off? What other design changes/improvements would you like to see in W11? Let us know!


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"Hopefully we can use our windows 10 product key to get windows 11, otherwise i'll prob wait it out a few years cause i dont plan to pay anytime soon"
"Im glad to see microsoft working hard at making skins for windows instead of crushing bugs/optimizing…good they have their priorities in place."
"honestly this looks more like windows 10.1 rather than completely new OS, maybe it's a good thing? "
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