Up For Debate - Do you normally play 1 or multiple games at a time?

Written by Chad Norton on Sun, Jun 20, 2021 5:00 PM
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With E3 2021 wrapping up this week and all the upcoming games announced, plus the recent slate of game releases (especially last May) got me thinking: how many of these games will we still be playing when another one comes out? And whether we would have to drop one to play the other, or play multiple at the same time.

Which also had me wondering whether most people normally play either 1 or multiple games at a time, and if only 1 at a time: do you wait to finish one and then start another? Or do you stop where you are, play the new game, then come back at a later date? Or just drop it altogether?

Also, if you play multiple games at once are they all different types/genres? For instance, playing one 100+ hour RPG whilst also flipping between a competitive multiplayer shooter and indie puzzler? The possibilities are endless!

Personally, I find it really difficult to play 2 big games at the same time before I just get bored of one and end up having to drop it completely. So if I’m playing a really big RPG like Starfield for instance, then I can only play other smaller games at the same time, rather than another big RPG like Elden Ring.

What do you think? Do you normally play 1 or multiple games at a time? What kind of secondary games do you play? And do you think this year’s slate of game releases are too close together? Or is it fine to have multiple big games come out at the same time? Let’s debate!

Do you normally play 1 or multiple games at a time?

How many games do you normally play at the same time?

What genre is your secondary game usually?

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17:33 Jun-20-2021

1- online
2- random new AAA
3- random old game
4- on phone

17:30 Jun-20-2021

its one on PC and the other on mobile for me

17:56 Jun-20-2021

6-8 years ago or so i used to play a lot on my phone and i used to own lots of various handheld "consoles" like psp, ipod touch, but now, surprisingly, i dont play games on my phone at all and dont own any handheld gaming device. Nowadays If im gaming, then im doing it exclusively on pc


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