These past couple years have been quite quiet in terms of news for From Software’s next title that was announced in 2019, at least up until now that is. We’ve gotten more information about the new FromSoft game in the last week than we have in the last 3 years, and as it turns out Elden Ring might be a sequel to Dark Souls.

Speaking in a recent interview, famed fantasy novel writer George R. R. Martin was talking about their work, when inevitably the topic of Elden Ring popped up because of his involvement with the game and its developers. But it’s what Martin mentions at the start that has got users online speculating:

I've played some videogames. I'm not a big video gamer. But the game is called the Elden Ring and it's a sequel to a game that came out a few years ago called Dark Souls and it came out of Japan.

Speculation has begun online on what Martin actually meant by that comment, whether he just meant that Elden Ring is a sort of spiritual sequel to Dark Souls, or a direct one, or whether he simply meant that it is the next game by From Software and completely forgot Sekiro was the last game they launched.

Either way, there have been theories online regarding Elden Ring and Dark Soul’s connections to each other, and taking a look at the gameplay trailer revealed last week will definitely show a lot of similarities, and not just in art direction but in the story and themes too.

What is interesting though is Martin’s involvement with the game. As it turns out, his work was finished years ago, and hasn’t actually been involved with the project since its announcement:

My work on it was actually done years ago: these games they're like movies, they take a long time to develop. Basically they wanted a world created to set the game in, they wanted world building as a big factor in fantasy and science fiction. You're not really not talking about the characters and the plot, but the setting is almost as important as everything else: Tolkien's Middle Earth, Robert E Howard's Hyborean age, the Foundation universe of Isaac Asimov...

Since his work was finished, From Software would periodically send him designs for some of the monsters to update him on how his work has influenced theirs. But apart from that, Martin hasn’t seen them in “several years.

What do you think? Are you excited for Elden Ring? Do you think it is a direct sequel to Dark Souls? Or a spiritual sequel? Or neither? Have you read Martin’s work? Let us know!

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