Sony has acquired PC porting studio Nixxes Software, will join PlayStation Studios family

Written by Stuart Thomas on Sat, Jul 3, 2021 1:00 PM
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Sony has been an interesting one to watch lately, and for PC players too since they are now focusing on bringing more PlayStation exclusives to the PC platform. Recently however, they seemed to have taken another step towards that goal, a pretty significant one actually, as Sony has acquired PC porting studio Nixxes Software.

Excited to announce that the talented Dutch studio Nixxes Software will be joining PlayStation Studios,” said Hermen Hulst, Head of PlayStation Studios. “It's a real pleasure to welcome a team with such deep technical expertise and vast experience to the @Playstation family. Huge congrats to everyone @NixxesSoftware.

The exciting part of this announcement is not just the fact that Nixxes is known for porting games over to the PC (most notably titles by Square Enix like the recent Tomb Raider trilogy or the latest Deus Ex games), but their potential for helping Sony free up workloads on studios attempting to port their games.

For instance, Horizon Zero Dawn was quite the mess at launch, and after many significant updates to try and fix the issues, developer Guerilla Games had to slow down in order to focus on their upcoming sequel, Horizon Forbidden West. With the help of Nixxes however, not only would a PC launch go smoother compared to HZD, but it will allow the original developers to keep doing what they do, and let Nixxes work on the porting process instead.

Which in the end is only a good thing for us PC gamers, since it will mean better PC ports of PlayStation games at launch and possibly a quicker turnaround as it took nearly a year (284 days) between the release of HZD and Days Gone on PC, and it has been over a month since then. The next PlayStation title coming to PC is supposedly Uncharted 4, but Sony has yet to officially confirm it.

It is worth noting that Sony has not confirmed Nixxes role in the PlayStation Studios catalogue yet, as all the above is still speculation. But with their recent efforts for porting games to PC, and their continued investment in bringing more games to PC, it’s hard not to see what Sony has planned for Nixxes in the future.

What do you think? What could Nixxes role be? How would it benefit Sony in bringing more games to PC? And what PlayStation games would you like to see come to PC next? Let us know!

Are you excited for more PlayStation exclusives coming to PC?

What do you think is more important for PlayStation PC ports?

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20:47 Jul-03-2021

More games for more people. That is very good.

13:21 Jul-03-2021

Both (more and better)


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