Layers of Fear 3 and two other games are currently in development by Bloober Team

Written by Stuart Thomas on Mon, Jul 5, 2021 1:30 PM
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Bloober Team made a name for themselves in the Horror market after their first few indie Horror games, but have lately branched out to even more ambitious titles like The Medium and even established IPs like Blair Witch. With an expanding development team, it seems that the developer has 3 new games in development including a new Layers of Fear.

Each game is codenamed in the Creative Europe website, which lists products being developed that have been funded by the European Union, which means all 3 games are legitimate. However, discerning exactly what each game is and how they will play has been a bit tricky, but there are some interesting tidbits nevertheless.

First of all, the titles are codenamed as ‘H20’, ‘Black’, and ‘Dum Spiro’. As it turns out, H20 is actually a new game set within the Layers of Fear universe, which will likely be called Layers of Fear 3.

The other two titles are unknown whether they tie into any existing IPs or are completely original, but they do sound interesting nonetheless. The reason we mention that is because Bloober Team recently signed a strategic co-operation agreement with Konami, sparking speculation that they may be working on a new Silent Hill game.

Here’s all 3 games listed on the site:



Development on this game apparently began in early 2018 and ended in March 2021, though that doesn’t mean the game is finished and launched already, obviously since we haven’t seen or heard anything about a new Layers of Fear. However, it does mean we’ll likely hear more soon.

Layers of Fear 3 will apparently include aspects from the original two games that will be expanded upon like “an intimate story revolving around a singular, specific character that the player can identify with”, an “artistic theme”, “discovering the layers of the story through subsequent unveilings of the masterpiece”, a theme of madness and mystery, as well as player-made decisions and consequences that will affect the end of the game.

Interestingly, it also mentions a lot of “innovative technology” that will increase player immersion and replayability as well as “ambitious gameplay” and references to previous Layers of Fear assets.



Quite possibly the most interesting and diverse of the bunch, Black is apparently a new game set in the Middle Ages that will feature alien monsters as well as melee combat. This one was filed back in February 2019, and its end date is predicted for February 2022.

There will be “ambiguous moral choices” to make throughout the story that can result in 1 of at least 2 different endings. You will also have the choice to stealthily evade, distract, or fight the enemies head on, though each will provide their own challenges.

Despite the focus on aliens, it seems like it will only serve as a “catalyst for character development”. Additionally, it seems that Bloober is planning on this to be a series, with various spin-offs that focus on other historical periods, and directly references the Assassins Creed franchise as an example.


Dum Spiro

Lastly we have Dum Spiro, which is actually the oldest of the bunch having been filed back in March 2015, however it is likely Bloober have delayed the project and will come back to it at some point. This title is apparently set in a Polish WW2 ghetto, and will follow the story of a young Jewish boy from Poland who tries to hide and save their little sister.

Surprise surprise, there will be different moral choices the player has to make throughout the game, but there seems to be an increased focus on this one this time round as Bloober directly mentions the ‘fifth’ wall, “separating the player from the presented history (to render him the recipient instead of a full-fledged participant).

It will be divided into 3 different acts, where players will decide what episodes they want to play at the end of each act and face dilemmas that are based on previous player choices. There’s also an “extensive system of interpersonal relationships” which will affect the emotional, mental, and physical states of characters close to the player based on their choices made.


So what do you think? Which project are you most excited for? Do you think Bloober Team is working on a new Silent Hill game? Let us know!

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