Capcom says PC is an important channel, as gap between game sales on PC and console shrinks

Written by Chad Norton on Wed, Aug 4, 2021 4:07 PM
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Although many of Capcom’s beloved games are best enjoyed on the PC platform, the developer/publisher has been pretty hesitant with their PC releases, often considering it the middle child that requires less attention. Fortunately for us, Capcom seems to be taking the PC platform more seriously now.

In their most recent investors Q&A session, Capcom was asked whether the demand for their games on PC was more than consoles, to which Capcom replied: “While demand for PC versions of games did not exceed that for console versions in the fiscal year ended March 31, 2021, we feel that the gap between the two is shrinking.

Capcom has long focused on a multiplatform strategy for release, but as mentioned before generally treats PC players as less than console players. Monster Hunter World took nearly 8 months after a console launch to release on PC, and even then was behind on updates for a while.

Resident Evil 8 also notoriously featured performance issues that weren’t present on console editions, and it wasn’t until that was revealed to be a problem with Capcom’s own implementation of DRM did they attempt to fix it. Admittedly though, Capcom has completely removed DRM on previous games after a certain amount of time after launch.

But it seems like Capcom might be starting to focus more on PC players now, as the gap between PC and console game sales shrinks. In the same Q&A session, Capcom revealed that they now consider the PC platform to be an “important channel” moving forward. So hopefully that results in more attention to PC players than before.

In following our core strategy of multiplatform development, we continue to provide our content on a variety of devices, including PCs, in order to maximize our user base. As with home video game consoles, we feel that PCs are an important channel.

What do you think? Do you enjoy Capcom games? Do you feel they haven’t treated PC players as well as consoles? Are you happy to hear them focusing on PC players more? Let us know!

Do you think Capcom has treated PC players as less than console players?

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04:50 Aug-07-2021

knowing how accessible their games are based on how light the RE engine is in hardware.

17:09 Aug-04-2021

I don't think they have been particularly bad in most cases when it comes to PC releases, it's only in recent years that some of their games were poor ports from the games I've played.

Though capcom is not what they used to be as a whole, they are a shell of their former selves.

admin approved badge
16:50 Aug-04-2021

"We can no longer ignore the PC money"

16:33 Aug-04-2021

Sucking up on shareholders while spitting on the pc player base with re8 subpar launch condition. So next time you want to buy a pc version of a capcom game remember it took game crackers for capcom to give a sh1t.


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