Dead Space Remake has seen an extraordinary amount of demand for the series to return

Written by Neil Soutter on Sun, Aug 8, 2021 3:00 PM
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EA may be the publisher to some of the most beloved games out there, but they have notoriously shut studios down following limp success. According to them though, there has been an enormous amount of demand for some of their titles to return, most notably the Dead Space and Skate franchises.

During their recent earnings call, EA CEO Andrew Wilson was asked about the upcoming Dead Space Remake that was announced last month. Although Wilson didn’t give any specific details on the title, we know it is still a long way from release (though rumored to launch Fall 2022), and there has been a large amount of demand for the series to return.

Having just provided a very small trailer on Dead Space, there's - or a sweet preview on Dead Space, there's no lot more I can share about that. It's a little ways out yet, but the studio has taken it on,” Wilson said.

What I can say is it's one of the great games from our catalog there has been extraordinary demand to bring it back for existing players and next generation of players, and we're excited to kind of add that to the portfolio over time. And we'll be able to share more as development continues.

Wilson also added that the demand for Dead Space has been only second to Skate 4, announced last year: “I would close on that point by saying it was one of the most demanded titles for us, maybe just after Skate, which we've also announced we're bringing back, and the response was very positive to the announcement that we're back in development.

What do you think? Are you excited for the return of Dead Space and Skate? DO you think this will lead to more sequels? Which one are you more excited for: Dead Space or Skate? Let us know!

Are you excited for the Dead Space Remake?

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18:40 Aug-08-2021

No sh!t EA.

15:43 Aug-08-2021

Just outsource the 4th installment to the guy who created the series = Everybody liked that

admin approved badge
20:09 Aug-08-2021

Glen Schofield is busy making a spiritual successor in the form of The Callisto Protocol, while the co-creator is now a studio head at 2K. If they make a Dead Space 4, hopefully it's more like the first two with some elements from 3 (e.g., custom-made weapons).


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