Back 4 Blood will not include a versus campaign mode at launch, and fans are not happy

Written by Neil Soutter on Sat, Aug 7, 2021 3:00 PM
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It’s safe to say that the upcoming co-op zombie shooter known as Back 4 Blood has a lot of weight on its shoulders from Left 4 Dead fans. But whether it lives up to the iconic series or not, many players are discovering more and more about the game during the recent Beta, and fans are not happy about something.

Back 4 Blood apparently won’t include a PvP versus campaign mode, and some fans are not happy about this at all. After stepping around the question for a while, developer Turtle Rock Studios finally clarified with a big, decisive “no” when asked whether B4B would include a versus campaign mode like the original Left 4 Dead games.

As to why exactly Back 4 Blood won’t include such a mode, the developers replied that “we have a lot of defensive equipment and our specials are good at ambushing. Defending worked far better for our game than running from A-B.” Of course, this still doesn’t sit well with long-time fans.

Although everywhere you go on the internet you’ll certainly find a vocal minority somewhere, but these diehard fans are claiming it was the only reason they ever played the original L4D games. However, I truly doubt that was the main reason those games were so popular, so we’d love to hear your thoughts on the matter!

It’s worth noting though that with enough feedback Turtle Rock may include a versus campaign mode in the future. Though from the sounds of it they are currently sticking to their guns. Either way, if you’re looking for a fun PvP experience Back 4 Blood still has you covered, just not in the way you might have expected if you are a longtime fan of the L4D series.

What do you think? Are you excited for Back 4 Blood? Have you been playing the Beta recently? What do you think of it? How do you feel about no versus campaign mode? Is that a dealbreaker for you? Let us know!

Are you excited for Back 4 Blood?

If you have been playing the Beta what do you think of it so far?

Is no versus campaign mode a dealbreaker for you?

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01:01 Aug-08-2021

The beta runs very well, the gunplay is good. That's about it. There's absolutely nothing else interesting about the game. I felt bored after 1 match

19:30 Aug-07-2021

I think you should reword the title, "at launch" makes it sound like it's being added, I already knew they didn't have it in atm.

This article just confirms it's not being added at all from the sounds of it.

18:53 Aug-07-2021

I'll be honest the game really didn't do anything for me. It runs pretty poorly with constant disconnects during this beta, the card system is just god awful, and to make matters worse the characters have 0 heart or presence unlike in the L4D series. If I'm going to play something like this id just go back to L4D 1+2 this game really doesn't bring anything new to the table. Seeing this across most of the discussions on the steam hub for the game as well.

admin approved badge
16:27 Aug-07-2021

people were playing L4D in pvp?

18:07 Aug-08-2021

That's the only fun way to play games for a lotta people, having other people as the enemy mixes things up

15:17 Aug-07-2021

Glad they waited until everyone pre-ordered to tell them this... Really sours preordering again but I'm a moron.
I bet I can refund on Steam though, so there may be a shining light!


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