Journey to the Savage Planet devs reformed after Stadia closure, possible sequel teased

Written by Neil Soutter on Thu, Aug 12, 2021 1:21 PM

Earlier this year it was revealed that Google was shutting down its internal games development team, which included the development team Typhoon Studios, known for their work on the recent Journey to the Savage Planet game. Fortunately, the team is now back together in the newly reformed independent studio called Raccoon Logic.

Raccoon Logic also revealed that they have managed to acquire the rights back to the Journey to the Savage Planet IP, which means the studio has free reign to work on a sequel if they want. However, they are not quite ready to talk about their next project just yet, even if it is a sequel.

Right now we’re not really ready to talk about what we’re doing next,” said Studio Head Rob Schneider. “We’re back, we’ve got the IP, and we really like the idea of being indie again. There’s something really cool about being able to just focus on making games and not thinking about all the other stuff that’s tangential, or is a distraction.

Raccoon Logic said that acquiring the original IP will allow them to “hit the ground running on new adventures in the action adventure space” and they are excited to “build upon the Journey to the Savage Planet franchise in the future.” So Journey to the Savage Planet 2 will happen at some point, but it will probably be a while from now.

Perhaps a little worryingly, depending on if you have been following the Chinese games industry and studio acquisitions lately, Raccoon Logic was able to be reformed thanks to a “pivotal” investment from Tencent. However, the studio will remain independent.

What do you think? Did you enjoy Journey to the Savage Planet? Would you be interested in a sequel? What other types of games would you like to see the developers tackle next? Let us know!

Would you be interested in a Journey to the Savage Planet 2?

What did you think of the first Journey to the Savage Planet?

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