Alan Wake 2 is possibly in full production now

Written by Chad Norton on Mon, Aug 16, 2021 10:59 AM

Remedy Entertainment are known for their single player, narrative-driven experiences. Recently, the studio revealed that they are developing a Remedy Connected Universe which included some of their most beloved IPs. Now they have “moved into full production” on their next project, which is rumored to be Alan Wake 2.

It’s been rumored for a while that Remedy is working on another Alan Wake game ever since their recent release,Control, hinted at a connected universe between the two. Remedy also reacquired the rights to Alan Wake in 2019, and announced several projects were currently in development.

Those projects include the aforementioned next game in the “Remedy Connected Universe” - rumored to be Alan Wake 2 - along with an official Control sequel and multiplayer spin-off, and a smaller-scale unannounced title. However, some of those projects are being published and funded by different companies. The next game in the RCU though is being funded by Epic Games.

So for all those out there who don’t like the Epic Games Store, it seems highly likely that whatever Remedy works on next in the RCU, whether that’s really Alan Wake 2 or something else, it will be at the very least a timed exclusive to the Epic Games Store, possibly even a full exclusive. All we know now is that it is currently in full production.

What do you think? What could Remedy be working on next? Is it Alan Wake 2? Or something else? And would you buy it on the EGS if it was a full exclusive? Let us know!

Do you think Remedy is working on Alan Wake 2?

Would you buy Alan Wake 2 if it is an Epic Games Store exclusive?

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15:20 Aug-18-2021

Would love AW 2,but not on Epic!

00:54 Aug-17-2021

Loved the tie in for Control brought it all back for me and to be honest was one of the most enjoyable parts of Control for me. Would love to play Alan wake 2.

admin approved badge
22:30 Aug-16-2021

It is rumor, so I do hope so, but I will never put my money on rumors. Since rumors can be inaccurate even if leaker is telling truth, they just don't know the details and are reporting on what they saw. While things can change or get canceled. But I really would be up for another Alan Wake game.

As for Epic exclusivity, I would buy it anyway, because personally I simply don't care and I am not boycotting Epic. Provided game ends up being great, which based on Remedies history, is likely the case. But then again, lets wait and see what comes out. Even the best can make bad decisions and mistakes. But I definitely hope they deliver once again, since if they make great game, everyone wins. I just as always, advise caution.

13:40 Aug-16-2021

Ohh I would buy it in any store if this game would came out. The first one was EPIC!


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