Intel promises more details on AI upscaling technology later this week

Written by Chad Norton on Tue, Aug 17, 2021 3:50 PM

We’ve known for a while that Intel is launching a new generation of graphics cards soon, and yesterday they announced the official brand naming as well as a Q1 2022 release date. Up until then, there has been word the Blue Team were cooking up their own version of AI upscaling like Nvidia DLSS or AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution, and yesterday also finally confirmed it.

However, there’s still very little we know about Intel’s AI upscaling technology, but it sounds like we’ll be hearing more about it soon. In fact, we’ll be hearing more about it sooner than we thought, as Intel’s Vice President of Graphics Research, Anton Kaplanyan, has said we’ll learn more later this week.

(Skip to 0:50 in the video above for a brief teaser of Intel’s AI upscaling)

Congrats! Looks cool. Is there an estimate for when more information will be shared about the supersampling method? Expected inputs etc.? Similar to DLSS?” said one fan in response to the Intel Arc reveal. To which Kaplanyan responded: “More information is coming later this week.

With Nvidia and AMD both offering their own versions of supersampling, and the continued popularity of the graphically-demanding ray tracing features, Intel’s upcoming GPUs would probably be a tough sell for some customers, so it makes sense for them to create their own super sampling technique.

The difference then, is how Intel plans to do that. We know it will be using AI like DLSS - and unlike FSR - from the recent reveal. But in terms of the official name, performance metrics, quality options etc. we still don’t know anything. It will also be interesting to see if Intel goes the AMD route and makes it open for GPUs other than their own branded hardware.

What do you think? Are you excited to see Intel’s AI upscaling technology? What are your expectations? Do you think it will be exclusive to Intel graphics cards? And what kind of quality options will it include? Let us know your thoughts!

Are you excited for Intels AI upscaling technology?

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