WWE 2K22 gets a march 2022 release date

Written by Stuart Thomas on Mon, Aug 23, 2021 11:43 AM

After a brief hiatus due to technical issues and an official reveal earlier this year, we know a new WWE game is coming. However, those who were expecting it to release soon may be a little disappointed, as 2K has officially revealed that WWE 2K22 is now launching in March 2022.

A new trailer has been released showcasing some new gameplay. The developers also revealed that some significant changes have been made to the game’s core engine, which is likely the reason for the late release. You can check out the new SummerSlam trailer below:

Along with a “redesigned engine” - the original having been the source of many issues with WWE 2K20 - the next entry also features new controls and “stunning graphics.” Although details are pretty light right now, 2K also promised more information will come in January 2022 leading up to the game’s launch.

What do you think? Are you excited for WWE 2K22? How do you feel about a March 2022 release? And what is your favorite wrestling game at the moment? Let us know!

Do you think WWE 2K22 will be much better than 2K20?

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20:01 Aug-23-2021

I cant wait to see the buggy mess, i really had a good laugh watching a 1 hour bug compilation xD.

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13:37 Aug-23-2021

game's gonna be trash especially with all of the roster rewrites (about half of the people that were on WWE's rosters when the game was developed are gone), and 2K's history of executive meddling for lootboxes.

At least it looks pretty and genuinely looks about as close to realistic as I'd expect these games to look.

11:56 Aug-23-2021

Unlike yearly release of the series, 2K22 has got 2.5 years for development. So, it better "hit different"🙂


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