Marvel’s Midnight Suns gameplay new card combat system and RPG mechanics

Written by Chad Norton on Thu, Sep 2, 2021 10:54 AM

Back when we first heard about a rumor that said Firaxis was possibly making a new tactical strategy game like XCOM set within the Marvel universe, it seemed like a pretty interesting idea. Then, after the official reveal at Gamescom 2021 Opening Night Live, we learned a few more details, and now we have the first official gameplay preview of the upcoming Marvel's Midnight Suns.

If you were expecting more XCOM-goodness though, it seems that Midnight Suns is taking a very different approach to the tactical combat we all know and love. Instead of a soldier’s gear and class affecting their in-combat abilities, Midnight Suns introduces a card/deck-building system.

When you think about it though, it certainly makes sense in the world of the Marvel universe. Superheroes don’t usually equip a new helmet that gives them a new shockwave ability. Instead, cards are dealt for each character at the start of combat, providing new abilities and presumably some synergy between them and other characters.

Cover also seems to be gone, as characters can move around the environment for positioning, lining up the perfect shot for a certain ability. Characters can also have special ultimate cards, and each character has a unique deck to deal from. 

But that’s not all you’ll be doing in Midnight Suns, as after every battle you return to your homebase, where you can interact with other characters and even do certain activities with them. You can also upgrade existing cards or craft new ones. It seems like the perfect opportunity to implement some microtransactions/live service elements, but Firaxis did not confirm whether that was the case.

Hopefully we’ll learn more about Midnight Suns before its release in March 2022. Lots of comparisons have been drawn up online already saying Midnight Suns just looks like a mobile game for consoles, and whilst that certainly is somewhat true, the XCOM games were the exact same. Hell, they even had a mobile port just recently.

What do you think? Are you excited for Marvel’s Midnight Suns? How do you feel about the card system? What are you most interested in? And what worries do you have? Let us know!

Are you excited for Marvels Midnight Suns?

How do you feel about the card combat system?

Which hero are you most interested in getting to know better?

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22:51 Sep-02-2021

I may be in the minority here. But I find this abomination to be a failure on every level with the exception of design


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