Marvel Midnight Suns will not include any microtransactions that affect gameplay

Written by Chad Norton on Mon, Sep 6, 2021 4:26 PM

Back when we heard rumors of a Marvel XCOM game, our imaginations ran wild with the possibilities, and after the official gameplay reveal recently, we realized it was a little more confusing than we had hoped. From card systems to boxes of loot and character costumes, it seemed like a ripe opportunity for Firaxis to implement some microtransactions and Live Service elements.

Thankfully, the developers have now cleared up that Marvel's Midnight Suns will not include any microtransactions… at least not ones that will affect gameplay that is. In Midnight Suns, players can earn new cards by opening Gamma Coils, which look suspiciously like traditional loot boxes...

According to the developers themselves, the only MTX that will be in Midnight Suns are cosmetic character skins. Though there will still be “tons” of cosmetic items that you can earn in-game without having to pay money for.

Hey folks, regarding our battle card system, there are no loot boxes in Marvel's @MidnightSuns or related microtransactions to get more cards (i.e. Gamma Coils),” said the official Twitter account. “We will have purely cosmetic character skins for purchase that do not affect game balance in any way.

That still doesn’t rule out any Live Service elements though, and to my knowledge none of the XCOM games have had such mechanics so far. Although it wouldn’t be a stretch, so far it’s looking like that is definitely not the case. Hopefully we’ll hear more about it soon before the game’s launch in March 2022.

What do you think? Are you excited for Marvel’s Midnight Suns? What are your hopes and worries? Are you surprised there are no microtransactions apart from cosmetic costumes? Let us know!

How do you feel about cosmetic only microtransacions?

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admin approved badge
23:41 Sep-06-2021

I don't like any type of microtransactions in paid games, especially in full priced games I think they are unacceptable. In free to play I am more willing to tolerate them, of they are cosmetic. But still, I am no fan of those either, since cosmetic microtransactions usually means that stuff you can get in game will be more generic, since they want to push you towards better looking stuff with microtransactions. Which also can be detrimental to visual progression of your character. Which is a thing that really doesn't get talked enough about and in many ways, visual progression of character is even more important than stats. Not to mention that cosmetic microtransactions also used to be things we would get for achieving certain things in game, you know, bit like that badge of honor or just to show that you are one of old players and stuff. And I really don't like to see that in games I paid full price for. Still, I doubt they will ever go away, unless unthinkable happens and people actually start boycotting games with microtransactions. But so far, it takes something as extreme as lootbox based progression in full priced game for people to actually get upset. I am talking about general crowd of course, not people on GD. And that is basically the problem, those corporations are more than ready to push gamers out in favor of more casual crowds, if that means they will make more money.

19:47 Sep-06-2021

I get it but its sad that companies are in a position to make this statement and know that they will get positive press for it.

17:27 Sep-06-2021

such a disappointing game, I expected something else

17:25 Sep-06-2021

I personally don't see the value in them but they don't bother me. I enjoy a bit of customization when it comes to skins/etc I can earn by playing the game. But they don;t add enough for me to ever pay for them. But if others get enough out of them to pay up, go for it.

junior admin badge
21:00 Sep-06-2021

It is a pleasure to meet someone sees microtransactions and cosmetics for what they are.

I salute you.



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