Redfall, the new game from Arkane, looks more like a looter shooter in leaked screenshots

Written by Stuart Thomas on Mon, Sep 13, 2021 12:19 PM
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Arkane is a busy studio, and having made some of the most beloved immersive sims of recent years, has garnered a reputation that has made fans excited for whatever they’re working on next. Some screenshots for one of their upcoming titles has leaked online, and seems to be more like a looter shooter than we initially thought.

Redfall was first revealed during the Xbox and Bethesda E3 2021 showcase, and from the looks of it we first assumed it was some kind of Left-4-Dead-esque co-op vampire shooter. However, the recently leaked screenshots seem to suggest it might be more of a looter-shooter likeBorderlands. Take a look at the trailer again below before we jump into the images:

The leaked screenshots don’t just include images from a very early build of the game, but the leaker has also revealed some gameplay details. There’s not a huge amount to look into because it is still early, and the look of the game (including graphics) will likely change a lot in development before launch.

0a10c804-7690-43a7-bfd4-1955cadfd1b4.jpg 29f43bc8-48a6-48a6-b6f8-91f248cd6887.jpg
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The leak comes from a supposed playtest, and include different images of various game mechanics, including weapon rarities and tiers, character abilities, and more. The leaker even says that Redfall is “an open-world Hero-based looter shooter with co-op and solo play, with various forms of missions around the world as well as fast travel and safehouses. Very Borderlands-esque.

The leak also claims a lot of character abilities are inspired by the Dishonored series, so Arkane clearly has a gameplay style going on here. There’s also apparently 6 playable characters in total, though we’ve only seen 4 so far, and it is unclear if more will come after launch.

0b04ec37-488e-4672-b4d0-4b0d8566a1f8.jpg eaed33fd-cb94-4dc8-85ee-ab0e1fc0fef4.jpg
b495084e-75a8-4b9c-b961-0ae1fc94be9a.jpg 60bff78d-ba20-4190-82bf-08f0c6b54c08.jpg

Apparently, despite only a few environments being seen in the screenshots, the leaker suggests it is a seamless open world “similar in scope to Fallout 76 or Ghost of Tsushima”, that includes side missions as well as typical boss fights, once again comparing the gameplay loop to Borderlands.

Once again, take all this with a massive grain of salt. Even if all the information revealed so far is true, it’s clear that Redfall is still in a very early state of development. Everything from visuals down to gameplay are subject to change before launch, but it is at least interesting to see what the game could potentially be.

5ce6de62-b4a8-4b30-aaac-23d7ed62af6a.jpg 0115adff-4e2a-4714-a4a3-84e90c5e93a6.jpg
a1767eb2-fd24-4f6c-8816-d66f6a7b5bdc.jpg 3b8be6b2-759b-4f14-8e6d-6a4a8ae5548f.jpg
c9f27b4e-cf83-4267-b017-8f04739cd159.jpg 0a041cb1-3930-4fd6-bff1-57b8a11ccde5.jpg

What do you think? Are you excited for Redfall? How do you feel about it being a looter shooter like Borderlands? And what do you think of the screenshots above? Let us know!

Are you excited for Redfall?

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13:06 Sep-14-2021

Why are people so excited for this? Is it because we needed another looter-shooter? Don't we have enough of those already? This would have been a very nice game iof it was single-player or co-op campaign without the looter-shooter aspect.

Alsao why not make a new Ghostbusters if there is 4 player dynamics? Man, I miss Ghostbusters but who am I going to call?

19:04 Sep-14-2021

I think people might be excited because Arkane is making it and they liked the Dishonored series. They might not even be aware that this is a looter-shooter.

16:55 Sep-15-2021

Arkane quickly shot to the top of my list as one of the best after Dishonored 1 itself and all the games they put out since have been really good.

But just because as studio is good doesn't mean they can do magic and turn a mediocre concept into something special. Bioware was on top too before they tried their hand at Anthem and the rest is history.

admin approved badge
15:47 Sep-13-2021

beside the weird characters dialogues(which is kind of standard now days) the game looks iinteresting

14:13 Sep-13-2021

jeez what's wrong with every new release and the cringe dialogues...


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