Intel confirms custom AIB graphics cards for their upcoming Arc Alchemist GPUs

Written by Chad Norton on Tue, Sep 21, 2021 10:46 AM

Intel is currently on track to launch their new Arc Alchemist graphics cards next year, but we’ve been wondering whether that meant custom AIB cards or simply just Intel’s very own design. Now the Blue Team have officially confirmed that there will be custom AIB GPUs for Arc Alchemist.

In a recent interview, Raja Koduri, the Senior VP and GM of Graphics at Intel, confirmed that they will be releasing custom graphics card models with Add-in Board (AIB) partners: “Partners and I think there will be a differentiation of ODM, and that will lead to the ultimate customer interest.

ODM stands for Original Design manufacturer, which is essentially another term for AIB partners. Basically, we’ll be getting custom models of Intel’s upcoming Arc Alchemist graphics cards with custom cooling and overclocking solutions, whilst Intel is likely to launch their own models too (like Nvidia’s ‘Founder’s Editions’).

Interestingly, Koduri also mentioned how they will be outsourcing the manufacturing of their Arc Alchemist graphics cards to TSMC instead of doing it in-house. They could have used Intel’s newly rebranded ‘7’ process node, but because of the upcoming launch for Alder Lake, Intel didn’t want the possibility of constraining both product lines.

It was necessary to first determine the manufacturing capacity of the process that can be assumed at the start of design, and (Intel's) advanced process did not have sufficient capacity yet,” Koduri said.

After the Alchemist range, Intel’s next lineup is known as Battlemage, which could also be using TSMC’s process node or even their own depending on how the Alchemist launch goes. Koduri also revealed that their recently announced XeSS upscaling technology will be available on existing Intel Iris Xe graphics.

What do you think? Are you excited for Intel Arc Alchemist? Would you get a custom or ‘founders’ model from Intel? And what are you hoping to see from custom models? Let us know!

Would you go for a Custom or Founders graphics card from Intel?

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11:11 Sep-21-2021

Interesting to see what Raja Koduri will muster for Intel after so many years in a high position at AMD. I personally won't be buying any of these new GPUs, since I already have a decent card, but it's always good to have extra competition in the stagnating market 👍


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