Halo Infinite shows off a full match of Big Team Battle ahead of upcoming technical test

Written by Stuart Thomas on Thu, Sep 23, 2021 11:23 AM
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It may be a while before the next Halo game officially launches, but that doesn’t mean eager players can’t try it out before release. This weekend and the one after will see the second technical test for the game, and the developers have released a full match of the iconic Big Team Battle gameplay ahead of the upcoming technical test.

The full match of gameplay can be seen in the video below, which was a recent livestream in which the developers showed an early look before the Halo Infinite tech preview this weekend. The actual match starts at around 49 minutes, and lasts for around 12 minutes, with a look at one of the new features in the map called a “loot cave”:

It’s worth mentioning that Big Team Battles won’t be coming to the Halo Infinite technical test this weekend. Instead, it will debut in the following week (starting September 30th, depending on where you live). Though this weekend players can look forward to classic 4v4 arena matches.

Additionally, it looks like 343 Industries might be considering a delay for the Halo Infinite technical test. If it does get delayed then should know later today at least, as the official build will go live for players to download and test out the Training Mode and Weapon Drills before matchmaking becomes available tomorrow:

Thank you to everyone for tuning into the live stream today! Awesome to share the team's work and very excited to play it together soon,” said Brian Jarrard, Community Director at 343 Industries. “No updates on flight timing yet, we're in a holding pattern as work continues. We'll see how things are looking tomorrow AM and make the call.

What do you think? Are you excited for Halo Infinite? Will you be trying out the technical test this weekend if it isn’t delayed? What did you think of the BTB gameplay? And how do you feel about the loot cave? Let us know your thoughts!

What did you think of the Big Team Battle gameplay?

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14:30 Sep-23-2021

As a pc gamer that never tried any halo game before i dont have any significant anticipation. Speaking about graphics again nothing spectacular, probably better than that first showcase ages ago, but from todays standards its bellow average, PS5 games like new ratchet and clank looks sooo much better, i have bought masterchief collection quite a while ago so i will play it sometime soon but for now im super meehhh for halo infinite...

12:24 Sep-23-2021

It's basically a Early Access AAA title that's gonna be stuffed with microtransactions.

I no longer got any hope for this dumpster fire.


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