Marvel's Avengers adds gameplay-affecting MTX despite previous assurances from developers

Written by Stuart Thomas on Sun, Oct 10, 2021 11:00 AM
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It’s the classic bait-and-switch of video game development, as you can now add another instance to the list of: things developers say before release, only to go back on them a year later. We are of course talking about gameplay-affecting microtransactions in a game that was previously promised to only include cosmetic MTX.

That’s right, Marvel's Avengers is back in the headlines everybody! This week, following its addition to Xbox Game Pass, MTX booster packs were added to the game which can either increase the amount of XP or resources players gain for a certain amount of time. They’re not necessarily game-breaking, but it completely goes against what developers said 2 years ago, and obviously fans are frustrated.

Our promise to the community is that we won’t have random loot boxes or pay-to-win scenarios,” said Meagan Marie, the Senior Community Manager, back during a presentation at E3 2019.

A statement on the game’s official website even said right up until launch: “We’ve committed that content purchasable with real money in Marvel’s Avengers will be aesthetic-only additions, which will ensure we can keep the game fresh for years to come.

The major problem is that this might not be the end of it, as more gameplay-affecting microtransactions could be implemented in the future. After all, what merit does the word of the developers have when they simply go back on it years later? It has also sparked worries for the upcoming single-player game from Square Enix, Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy, which apparently won’t include any microtransactions or DLC (but who knows how long that will last now).

It’s a slippery slope for sure, and fans online are not happy at all about the new consumables. There are even some claiming the game has been updated to pressure players into purchasing them after an update in March 2021 slowed down the rate at which players can level up their characters.

What do you think? Do you still play Marvel’s Avengers? Is it okay for developers to do this? Does this affect your trust in Square Enix and their developers? Let us know your thoughts!

Are you still playing Marvels Avengers?

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18:15 Oct-10-2021

I think that xbox game pass isnt a good thing on a dev point of view because the player doesnt pay anything for a product that cost millions to make, and yes microsoft probably gave them millions of dollars to add the game to the xbox game pass but in the long term they are losing a lot of money from new players too. So i dont feel mad at them for adding some microtransaction for trying to catch up the lost revenues or yet worst, just surviving in such a hard market.

23:04 Oct-10-2021

That's a weird conclusion to come up with. The game was an actual financial disaster from day 1. It's player count since release and 3 DLCs later is abysmal on steam alone, I can only imagine it's just as bad on console. This is just exposure. Nobody was buying this game. Now people might actual give this garbage a try and judge it for themselves. And it being "free" on game pass is the best way to do that. Plus they already gave it away on PSN for free one month, despite the fact they're getting a whole exclusive character for free. They know they failed. Now they need to make it back somehow. They probably made more money from Xbox for the rights on Game Pass than they would have made in 2022 alone lol.

Also the fact the game has no PVP game mode at all for a loot shooter is kinda ridiculous lol

15:43 Oct-10-2021

Guys please dont buy this sh*t from this sh*tty publisher. Its a singleplayer game, so if u really need that xp or resources to avoid grind, its 100 times better to use trainer. Just google fling trainer and go from there, ez.

admin approved badge
15:34 Oct-10-2021

What a shocker, totally didn't see the Marvel cash grab becoming a Marvel cash grab...

On a side note: "XP boosters" are jus plain INSULTING. Devs introduce grind and then sell you a way to speed up that grind for more money, but you still have to grind to make use of it.

02:31 Oct-11-2021

They have to recover all the money they lost with this crappy game lmao xD

admin approved badge
09:53 Oct-11-2021

Oh noes, we certainly can't leave a company dry like that... :(


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