Monster Hunter Rise graphics comparison showcases significant visual improvements for PC

Written by Chad Norton on Sat, Oct 16, 2021 11:00 AM
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Capcom recently announced that the latest Monster Hunter game - which was previously exclusive to the Nintendo Switch - is finally coming to PC next year. But how much better does it really look? And what kind of graphical improvements have been made for the PC version? Thankfully, we have a graphics comparison video to showcase just that.

Monster Hunter Rise is officially coming to PC on January 12th 2022, and with it a whole bunch of PC-specific features. Thanks again to the wonderful ElAnalistaDeBits on YouTube who has created a graphics comparison video to see just how much the PC version differs from the Nintendo Switch version, and whether it has actually improved all that much.

Perhaps the most obvious improvement is the support of higher resolutions and frame rates. The NS version of MH Rise is capped at 756p at 30fps, which for a smaller screen isn’t too bad, but bringing up to full HD glory really stands out. Other shortcuts made on the Switch version have been improved as well, like draw distance and depth of field, so the PC version definitely looks much better, as we’d expect.

What do you think? Are you excited for Monster Hunter Rise? Have you tried out the demo yet? What did you think of it? And how do you feel about the graphics improvements for the PC version? Let us know!

What do you think of the PC visual improvements for Monster Hunter Rise?

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