Halo Infinite PC overview reveals ray tracing support coming post-launch & more PC features

Written by Stuart Thomas on Sun, Oct 24, 2021 1:00 PM
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The next Halo game launching later this year will, for the first time in a long time, launch for both PC and console on the same day. Understandably this is a pretty big task for the developers, and thankfully they’ve brought the same passion and expertise with them from the Master Chief Collection on PC.

The latest PC overview trailer for Halo Infinite shows exactly how much PC players can customize their experience. Not only that, but there are a lot of PC-specific features that we can look forward to, along with crossplay functionality between multiple platforms and storefronts, and even the reveal that raytracing will come to Infinite sometime after launch.

The developers at 343 Industries revealed a partnership with AMD, which includes many optimizations and visual improvements thanks to AMD software, as well as bringing ray tracing support sometime after launch. Since this is an AMD-sponsored game and includes ray tracing support, we can also assume that FidelityFX Super Resolution will eventually come to Infinite as well. 

We're looking forward to working closely with AMD [to] bring Ray Tracing to Halo Infinite,” 343 said in a blog post. “Ray Tracing is one [of] our top development priorities post-launch and look forward to sharing more soon.

But that’s not all, as 343 and AMD have partnered up to create an exclusive Halo-themed RX 6900 XT graphics card that you can potentially win through the Halo and AMD social media channels:

What do you think? Are you excited for Halo Infinite? How do you feel about the PC features? Do you think 343 has done a good job at providing a quintessential PC experience? And how do you feel about ray tracing support coming later and that Halo-themed GPU? Let us know!

Based on the video above how do you think 343 has handled the PC experience?

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15:47 Oct-25-2021

Why are features coming out POST-launch? That's not a launch then if they TELL you what's already gonna be missing... It's a beta.

15:04 Oct-24-2021

Looks more and more like it's gonna be launched as an early access AAA game, kinda sad for a former XBox flagship title.

14:24 Oct-24-2021

Looks like they are putting in the work for PC and that's great. But here is what bugs me, shouldn't they have come out with ray-tracing at launch? Why post-launch? Nvidia claims its as simple as flipping a switch. So either it isn't that simple which is obvious or 343 will bring ray-tracing to the game once AMD has capable RT hardware to compete with Nvidia a la RX 7000 series.


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