Age of Empires 4 PC graphics settings revealed

Written by Chad Norton on Tue, Oct 26, 2021 12:54 PM
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Microsft's latest entry in the fan-favorite Age of Empires series is nearly here, finally giving us a chance to build our kingdoms and crush our enemies across a vast historical campaign and multiplayer. But what kind of graphics settings are there? How many of them are there? And by how much can we adjust them?

Thankfully, we take a look at all the PC graphics settings available in Age of Empires 4, to see if this game has a lot of options to choose from in terms of visual fidleity and performance, or whether it plays it safe with only a couple settings available (I'm looking at you,Humankind).

So let's jump right into the AoE 4 PC graphics settings...


Age of Empires 4 Graphics settings

Display settings


  • Game Window
  • Resolution
  • Gameplay Resolution Scale
  • Lock Mouse to Window

Performance & Quality


  • Image Quality
  • HDR
  • Animation Quality
  • Shadow Quality
  • Texture Detail
  • Geometry Detail


  • Anti-Aliasing
  • Physics
  • Vertical Sync
  • Framerate Limit
  • Movie Quality


And that's it for all the graphics settings available in Age of Empires 4! There's not a huge amount available, however they should provide a decent range of customization when it comes to balancing image quality and FPS performance. This is mostly due to a few key settings.

For instance, the developers of AOE4 have reiterated their focus on low-spec players as well as those on high-end systems. As such, the difference between graphics settings can be quite significant, as higher settings are designed to be played well on modern systems, whilst lower settings are for laptops and integrated GPUs.

This provides a wide margin of customization for image quality and FPS performance, so even though there aren't many settings themselves, but the range of options for each settings will be very different from one another. In addition to Min Spec Mode though, there are other graphics settings worth noting.

Such as a Resolution Scale slider which is always appreciated in modern titles, as well as HDR support and even an option to switch between 1080p or 4K HDR movies played in the game (though the latter requires downloading a free content pack). There's also options to limit the detail of Physics, as well as an option to lock your cursor to the window, something all PC strategy players can be relieved about.

But apart from that there's not much else to mention when it comes to the Age of Empires IV PC graphics settings. There's already a good amount of options to choose from and customize to our liking, which should definitely help with striking the right balance between performance and graphical quality.

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