Shadow Warrior 3 has been delayed until 2022

Written by Stuart Thomas on Wed, Oct 27, 2021 10:44 AM
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The Shadow Warrior series has seen a lot of success since the 2013 reboot, and so understandably the next sequel is highly anticipated by fans. Unfortunately, those fans will have to wait a little bit longer now as developers Flying Wild Hog officially confirmed that Shadow Warrior 3 has been delayed until 2022.

What’s interesting about this announcement is that instead of Flying Wild Hog releasing a statement on Twitter with a flat color background, the developers actually released a brand new trailer. There’s not much to it, but it highlights the developers’ wants to make it the best quality it can be, without the need for a flashy statement online.

Despite sharing the same name, Shadow Warrior and Shadow Warrior 2 are very different games, the latter specifically taking inspiration from games like Borderlands as a looter-shooter. Not everybody liked that, and so with SW3 the devs have toned down the character progression and weapon upgrades to be more like the first game. Thankfully, we’ve already seen 17 minutes of full gameplay.

What do you think? Are you excited for Shadow Warrior 3? Have you played the other 2 games? Which one did you like more? And how do you feel about the delay? Let us know!

Are you excited for Shadow Warrior 3?

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13:56 Oct-27-2021

The 2013 game was phenomenal.The second was OK-ish,but this looks like fast paste colourful mess.Doom Eternal like and for us Eternal was dozens upon dozens steps down from 2016 Doom gameplay and story wise.

14:22 Oct-29-2021

Speak for yourself.... I liked Eternal more than 2016 version. Doom 2016 pace was too slow, for my liking.


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