Battlefield 2042 multiplayer is still less exciting than the Battlefield Portal mode

Written by Stuart Thomas on Thu, Nov 4, 2021 10:40 AM
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If you’ve been following the news on the internet lately, you’ll know that the next Battlefield game is launching soon. However, after a short Beta was released last month, the general reception was a little… mixed to say the least. But that was for the titular All-Out-Warfare mode, and the upcoming Battlefield Portal mode still looks like the most exciting.

And according to many fans online, it seems that we’re not alone in thinking this. Battlefield 2042 looks good, at least theoretically, but it’s the Battlefield Portal mode that really looks like the fan-favorite already. EA has released a new gameplay video showcasing some antics from the Portal mode, along with more details on how it will actually work.

The video above doesn’t exactly show the more obscure gameplay you can come up with in Battlefield Portal (like we originally saw) but it does a decent job of showing off the kind of craziness you might expect, and might even prove to be more popular than the base game as players will have more control over issues raised during the Beta.

Most notably, the issues players have had with specialists and abilities, which Portal Mode will allow you to completely revert by going back to the way it was in older Battlefield titles. Either way it’s a pretty exciting mode for the community and fans, and the online response shows just how much more exciting they are for Portal than All-Out-Warfare.

A full blog post goes into more details about what you can actually do in Battlefield Portal, including what parameters you can adjust and by how much. There’s a lot of juicy info there for long-time Battlefield fans, and if you’ve been worried about BF2042 since the Beta, hold out hope for Battlefield Portal and the community’s creativity.

What do you think? Are you excited for Battlefield 2042? Are you more excited for Battlefield Portal? What kind of community creations would you like to see there? Will you dabble in creating any yourself? Let us know!

Which mode are you most excited for in Battlefield 2042?

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08:46 Nov-08-2021

to be honest Portal is the most coolest thing they had made. now the question is will it be expanded or left as it is with 2042 being mainly expanded on ......I really wanna have 2142 content and have like 3 Titans vs 3 titans overhead with only walkers down no foot soldiers no tanks just some insanity.. also i wouold love to have Wake island being surronded by a few Naval Carriers neing assaulted by all the sea vehicles and fighter jets and all to be defended by a single overhead Titan and like 20 walkers.

by the way arent the guys reponsible for Portal mode now making their own game under Vince Zampala? (i may have butchered his name)

admin approved badge
01:38 Nov-05-2021

At this point, I'm taking a wait and see approach to the game overall, but if I decide to get it when it inevitably goes on sale, Portal will likely be played more.

14:36 Nov-04-2021

DICE should be taking notes here. Everyone seems to be way more excited about playing BF3, BFBC2 and 1942 in Portal mode than they are about all the new stuff that they've made for 2042.

It's almost like people prefered the gameplay and direction that the older Battlefield games had...

15:54 Nov-04-2021

i still don't understand why don't they just copy the old formula and just make a new game with it since it's a guaranteed success...

17:46 Nov-04-2021

Yeah, especially when they have so much experiences with copying the FIFA. :D


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