Steam breaks all time concurrent player count once again with 27 million players

Written by Chad Norton on Mon, Nov 29, 2021 3:17 PM
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Valve’s storefront may have changed the way we purchase digital games, but no one could have foreseen the immense success it would have back when it first launched. After breaking it’s all-time concurrent peak player count back in April this year (26 million), Steam peaked at around 27 million concurrent players over the weekend.

Obviously, the Black Friday/Autumn sales event dramatically helped, but it is still quite impressive especially now that we have more alternative storefronts to choose from, and it’s clear that nothing is coming close to achieving the same success as Steam. Interestingly, of that 27.3 million only 7.8 million were online and in-game, which is slightly less than the record 8.1 million in March 2020.

Unsurprisingly though, the top games didn’t change. The top spots were dominated by Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, DOTA 2, andPUBG Battlegrounds, respectively. Battlefield 2042 has seen a steady decline in players since launch, but still managed to achieve an all-time peak concurrent player count of 105,397. However, Farming Simulator 22 managed to just overtake that same record at 105,636 all-time peak concurrent players.

Lastly, the top sellers for the week were Farm Sim 22 at number one, BF2042 followed closely behind, and then Cyberpunk 2077 and Red Dead Redemption 2, which both soared to the top charts thanks to massive discounts (both are currently $30 until December 1st, in case you were wondering).

What do you think? Are you surprised Steam has once again broken it's all-time peak concurrent player count? When do you think it will be broken again? And by how much? And are you also surprised by some of the player count/top seller stats? Let us know!

When do you think Steam will break its record again?

Do you think any other storefront will see the same success as Steam eventually?

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23:15 Nov-30-2021

Who remembers a year or 2 back when people were saying "PC gaming will die due to the new 4k consoles" Bet they feel stupid now.

00:05 Nov-30-2021

I never knew farming simulator was so popular.

admin approved badge
13:43 Nov-30-2021

same i thought that its on the same level like soul games, good but for a small number of people

admin approved badge
22:47 Nov-29-2021

I don't think any storefronts will see same success as Steam, at least for as long as Steam generally tries to do things right. This might be unpopular opinion, but I think Steam has so much mindshare on their side that it would take quite a lot for them to fall and make room for someone else, regardless if it is for better or worse. Right now Steam is basically in the land of "can do no wrong". Which is somewhere where Bethesda, Blizzard, CDPR,... also used to be. And it didn't took just one or two bad things for people to move away or basically even acknowledge any bad doing on their part. So it likely will take a while, since right now people are quick to forgive Valve, they are quick to forget, so I guess we will see where that leads us. I do feel though a lot of it comes out of the fact that most people have most or whole libraries on Steam and they will fight for Steam till their dying breath to not lose those libraries. So yeah, Steam basically in a way is almost monopoly. Though luckily they aren't full on monopoly, so they can't just do what they want yet. But I wonder how many of us remembers worse side of Valve, like the one that fought extremely hard to not implement refunds till that fell in court and they were forced to do it. Ironically while EA already had refund policies in place.

Though how hardcore to do only Steam some people has, it really makes me wonder what kind of chaos would happen if Steam would fall... I have plenty of games through many storefronts, so I would be fine. But still, imagine chaos if Steam service shutdown notice would get posted. :-D


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