Dying Light 2 unlock times revealed, when is Dying Light 2 available in your region?

Written by Chad Norton on Thu, Feb 3, 2022 2:53 PM
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With the release of Techland’s highly anticipated sequel to the much-loved Dying Light series right around the corner, you may want to know when exactly does Dying Light 2 unlock in your region? Thankfully, the developers have revealed the official unlock times for each time zone, and you could be playing as early as today!

Dying Light 2 officially launches tomorrow (February 4th) for PC and consoles. However, if you live anywhere in the USA you could be playing as early as today! Since DL2 launches at midnight GMT, that means earlier time zones will be able to play before then. Additionally, pre-load is already available now to all players.

Here is when Dying Light 2 unlocks in your region:

Dying Light 2 PT (US West Coast) ET (US East Coast) GMT (UK) CET (Europe) AET (Australia)
Time 4pm 7pm 12am 1am 11am
Date February 3rd February 4th

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So if you are living on the US West Coast like Los Angeles then Dying Light 2 launches at 4pm on February 3rd, or 7pm if you live on the US East Coast like New York. If you live in the UK then that will be Midnight (12am) on February 4th, and 1am for Central Europe. For Australia that means DL2 launches at 11am.

For console players, Dying Light 2 will instead launch at Midnight in your local time zone.

Techland also revealed that a big Day 1 patch is coming for DL2 that will have over 1,000 bug fixes and “improvements on all the platforms.” For PC players, Techland also said that they will be “continuing our efforts to improve the PC version in real-time.

What do you think? Are you excited for Dying Light 2? Have pre-ordered and pre-loaded the game yet? Will you be playing it as soon as it goes live? And have you been playing the first Dying Light in anticipation? Let us know!

Will you be playing Dying Light 2 as soon as it goes live?

Have you been playing Dying Light 1 recently in anticipation?

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15:03 Feb-04-2022

Will wait for few years and buy it for 10$.

04:59 Feb-04-2022

Where is the option "Wait a few years for the Complete/Definitive/GOTY Edition which includes all the cut content and some DLC, with (hopefully) the majority of bugs squashed, for half the price or better"?

I'm not saying this particular game has any of those problems, but most games released nowadays do have those problems and it's simply not worth buying them at launch.

11:05 Feb-04-2022

Agreed. From what I've seen on twitch streams and YT walkthroughs, this is mediocre product. Paying 100 euros for ultra mega edition? F no


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