RTX 40 series graphics cards may have bigger performance gains than previous generations

Written by Stuart Thomas on Thu, Mar 3, 2022 4:27 PM

We all know that Nvidia is working on the next generation of graphics cards to launch later this year, Nvidia even said as much. And with the launch of these new GPUs inching slightly closer every day, more and more rumors are being dropped about them. However, a recent cyberattack on Nvidia seems to have revealed some more interesting details…

Over the weekend, Nvidia was the victim of a major hack that saw sensitive information threatened to be released unless the attackers are given a ransom. Some of those documents have made their way online now in attempts to pressure Nvidia, and they include details about the Shader Core counts for the upcoming RTX 40 series graphics cards.

In it, the details claim that some RTX 40 series GPUs will be getting a major boost in Shader Cores (or ‘CUDA’ cores using Nvidia’s terminology), something we had heard a while ago but never properly confirmed. The AD102 GPU for instance will apparently feature a massive 18432 CUDA cores, which is a big leap from the GA102’s 10752 cores, that currently powers the RTX 3090 Ti. Here’s a comparison of all the leaked details:

RTX 40 GPU CUDA cores Bus width RTX 30 GPU CUDA cores Bus width % Core increase
AD102 18432 384-bit GA102 10752 384-bit +71%
AD103 10752 256-bit GA103S 7680 256-bit +40%
AD104 7680 192-bit GA104 6144 256-bit +25%
AD106 4608 128-bit GA106 3840 192-bit +20%
AD107 3072 128-bit GA107 2560 128-bit +20%

*AD refers to Ada Lovelace, the architecture powering the RTX 40 series. GA refers to Ampere, the architecture used for the current RTX 30 series.

Those 10752 cores are then given to the lower AD103 GPU. That means we could potentially see an RTX 4070 Ti performing on par with an RTX 3090. That’s quite the jump considering the RTX 30 series was already quite impressive in terms of its gen-on-gen performance improvement. Unfortunately that jump seems to come packaged with much higher power requirements, with reports of up to 850W power hungry monsters.

Additionally, the RTX 40 series is set to get a massive boost in L2 cache sizes: the AD102 for instance will apparently have 96MB compared to 6MB of the previous-gen GPU. Similarly, the AD103 will have 64MB instead of 4MB, and the AD104 will have 48MB instead of 4MB.

Unfortunately that jump in cores and L2 cache seems to come packaged with much higher power requirements, with reports of up to 850W power hungry monsters. Obviously those reports have not been confirmed by Nvidia, so whilst we do expect some increase in power draw like pretty much every generation of GPUs, we wouldn't be surprised if those numbers were a little off.

Of course, more cores doesn’t always translate to real-world performance gains. So doubling the core count won’t just double the performance. We’ll have to actually wait and see what they’re like when we get them in our own hands. Thankfully, after nearly 2 years of suffering through limited availability, Nvidia has stated much better supply for the RTX 40 series this year.

What do you think? Are you excited for the RTX 40 series? What kind of performance leap are you expecting? Do you think increased supply this year will actually help? Or will we just see the same issues as last time? Let us know your thoughts!

do you think the RTX 40 series will be significantly more expensive than RTX 30 series?

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22:32 Mar-03-2022

leak from good source says next GPU series will be bestest evar ( Aristotel 384 BC) . Nothing new about this news , aliens would say deja vu

21:51 Mar-03-2022

Lets face it, due to the Ukraine war, the cost of all GPU's including the 4000 series will be in the tends of thousands £. That's not a joke or an exaggeration. If look into how much minerals vital for chip manufacturing including the gas "NEON" come from either Ukraine, Russia or both, you'll realize that the days of personal computers are over. That includes consoles and high end smartphones. It's done. By the time the supply chain disruption is fixed, it will well into the 2030's. So, make sure to enjoy your computer as much as you can, since you're not getting any new spare parts or upgrades.

07:36 Mar-04-2022

ok doomer

17:09 Mar-03-2022

Also a crazy daft high power requirement, yes there still rumors of how high but they prob wont be far off

21:50 Mar-03-2022

pretty sure those leaks are talking about 800w peak. which when you consider the card (4090) is estimated to be about 40% faster than a 3090 and an msi supreme 3090 can momentarily peak at over 500w. 850w isn't the worst. its high I'm not questioning that, but so is fuel consumption on a Ferrari. its al relative, 40% performance increase for less than 40% extra power draw. also leaks came yesterday of 40 series using Infinity fabric like amd cpu/gpu do, as this is a brand new thing for NVidia I don't know if previous leaks would have accounted for the fact infinity fabric will let them drop the bus size for memory (lowering power consumption) but keep competitive speeds like amd did with 6000 series.

17:09 Mar-03-2022

Only if I can get one.


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