Up For Debate - What do you think of WWE 2K22 so far?

Written by Chad Norton on Sat, Mar 12, 2022 4:00 PM
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Wrestling is one of the biggest sports in the world… probably. At least, I wouldn’t doubt that statement if someone said it to me based on the overwhelming enthusiasm fans have for the spectacle. That said, the WWE video games have had a rocky history, but finally returned this year after their rockiest of rock bottoms in 2019.

As we all know by now, WWE 2K22 just launched this week after taking a year’s hiatus since WWE 2K20 launched to considerably negative reception. There’s no denying that this year’s entry has a lot of weight on its shoulders in terms of pleasing fans, so we want to know whether it has lived up to the wait…

Obviously comparisons between WWE 2K22 and WWE 2K20 will be plenty, considering this year’s game is supposed to be a kind of comeback for the franchise after the last game launched with an overwhelming amount of issues. So of course we want to know what you think of it in comparison.

And not just in terms of performance (2K20 ran notoriously bad, and 2K22 had some considerably beefed up system requirements in comparison). But after waiting a whole extra year, is this now the definitive WWE experience in gaming? Or have the developers still not been able to return to those glory days of 2K14 (and other WWE classics)?

So what do you think of WWE 2K22 so far? Are you enjoying it? Was it worth the wait? Is it better than WWE 2K20? How does it perform on your PC setup? And what is your all-time favorite WWE game over the years? Let’s debate!

What do you think of WWE 2K22 so far?

How well is it performing on your PC?

Is WWE 2K22 better than WWE 2K20?

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17:55 Mar-14-2022

To those who're wondering.. After the disaster wwe 2k20, 2k took >1 extra year of development and made wwe 2k22. It's one of the best wrestling games ever made and THE BEST in 2K series. Return of GM mode, branching career mode, Rey mysterio 2k showcase, revamped gameplay, next gen graphics and much more. I'm having a blast playing it. I definitely recommend it to those who love fighting games.

12:20 Mar-13-2022

Smckdown! Here Comes The Pain (i think the second Smackdown game to release) is the best wrestling game ever. No other game comes close. I am still playing it via emulation till today. All it needs is a graphical upgrade. WWE 2K22 can't come close. And the backstage brawls in that game are chef's kiss levels of good though the Rumble is impossible to win owing to AI.

The sheer amount of customization in that game would cost thousands in microtransactions to be included in today's wrestling games.

22:29 Mar-12-2022

i think that half of the okay voters just wanted to see the results... just like me.

15:13 Mar-13-2022

That explains the "okay" option lol. This is the best in 2k series. And the best looking wrestling game ever.

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09:30 Mar-14-2022

"Wrestling", though...


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