Final Fantasy 7 livestream later today, Remake Part 2, Steam launch likely to be announced

Written by Stuart Thomas on Thu, Jun 16, 2022 7:49 PM
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Just in case you didn’t feel old yet, Final Fantasy 7 is celebrating its 25th anniversary today. To commemorate the event Square Enix will be holding an anniversary livestream later today, which although will be short and sweet, is sure to be packed with a lot of information regarding Part 2 of the Remake and a potential Steam launch.

The Final Fantasy 7 25th Anniversary Stream Celebration Broadcast is taking place at 3pm PT (6pm ET / 11pm BST) later today, which is not too long from now! More than likely we’ll get some news regarding the Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2, but rumors online have suggested it will also reveal a Steam launch for Part 1, which is currently an Epic Games Store exclusive but is coming up on the end of its 6 month window.

The stream will last for 10 minutes, and whatever is announced or revealed at the stream you can watch it live on the official Square Enix YouTube channel or Twitch channel. Some other rumors suggest a Crisis Core Remake could be announced as well, which was a prequel to FF7 that was exclusive to the PSP console. 

What do you think? Are you excited for the Final Fantasy VII anniversary stream? Will you be watching it live? What are you more interested in being announced/revealed? Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2? A Steam launch for Part 1? Or a Crisis Core Remake? Let us know your thoughts!

What are you more interested to see at the anniversary stream?

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01:00 Jun-17-2022

Finally a steam release, huh? About time!

23:21 Jun-16-2022

Remake part 2 (Rebirth) is PS5 exclusive (hopefully timed).

Steam release of remake part 1 is today on steam

admin approved badge
20:22 Jun-17-2022

what is the difference between rebirth and remake? Doesn't remake have the entire game?

01:44 Jun-18-2022

ff7 remake is the first of a now announced 3 game series to tell the story of ff7 and Rebirth is the 2nd part. No remake is not the whole game. Remake basically took the first 6-8hours of the original game exploring Midgar the first city you start in and made it into a indepth 35-40+hour game. Rebirth will be what happens after you leave Midgar in the remake.


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