Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is part 2 of the Remake trilogy, Part 1 now available on Steam

Written by Chad Norton on Fri, Jun 17, 2022 7:58 PM
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The long awaited second part to the remake of Final Fantasy 7 has finally been revealed thanks to the recent Final Fantasy 7 25th Anniversary Celebration stream yesterday. We also got confirmation that the first part of the remake is now available on Steam finally, and is planned to be a trilogy.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is the official name of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2. According to Square Enix, it will launch sometime “next winter”, which will more than likely be the end of 2023 just in time for the holidays. And if you’ve been holding out to buy the first part of the remake trilogy, Final Fantasy 7 Remake is now officially available on Steam!

The bad news is that FF7 Rebirth will once again be exclusive to the PlayStation 5 console, though everyone is hoping it will come to PC quicker this time (and hopefully not an EGS exclusive again), though no further details have been given. The other bad news is that FF7 Remake Intergrade is currently on sale for $50/£50 on Steam, but will rise back up to $70/£70 on June 23rd. So still no significant discounts for PC players despite originally launching in 2020.

What do you think? Are you excited for Final Fantasy 7 Remake Rebirth? What are you most excited about it? And how do you feel about Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 1 coming to Steam at full price still? Let us know!

Are you excited for Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth?

Do you think FF7 Rebirth will come to PC quicker than Part 1?

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14:09 Jun-20-2022

So there will be three parts, each sold for 80€ base price. 240€ is pretty !^%#ing expensive.

17:32 Jun-22-2022

There's nothing to indicate it will only be 3 parts. They took less than half of disc 1 and blew it out to a "full" game. For them to only have 3 parts to this they'd have to butcher the story even worse. I mean the section from Midgar to the end of disc 1 was like 10x the content of Midgar alone, meaning part 2 isn't very likely to cover much further in than that. (Especially since disc 1 ended at a fairly compelling point).

In the end, unless they do something silly and cut or compress a bunch of stuff (which would be completely opposite to what they did with part 1) then it shouldn't be less than 4 parts.

23:31 Jun-17-2022

Completely butchered story. I just lost all my interest in this trilogy.

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22:53 Jun-17-2022

Definitely excited, though I doubt it will come much quicker to PC than part 1. That being said, it all depends on how Sony will tweak their PC porting formula. As is, it is more or less just selling previous generation games to PC, ones that don't have any value as system sellers. So they kind of double dip with sales, also selling to PC audience that doesn't want to buy console, thus increasing revenue. While keeping sequels for time being as PS5 exclusives, so previous gen games kind of work like bait to hook you up, then if you want to play sequel, you either need to wait or get PS5. So question is, will they keep dragging it till almost PS6 release or will they at some point decide that game was out for long enough to not really sell that many copies as system seller and just decide to port it. Since it will likely be a while till PS6. But I have no doubt that at latest when PS5 is in its final stage of life before PS6, they will start porting PS5 games to PC. But could be sooner, since they are discovering that there is quite big audience who wants to play those games, but don't want to buy consoles, so extra profits might be lucrative. Which is same as some developers who started with exclusives to console and relatively recently went to releasing on PC started to feel stupid for not doing this sooner, since their game that was bit of a niche on console, sold really well on PC. So we will have to see what Sony decides to do.


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