Intel Arc Alchemist GPUs will require an Intel 10th gen CPU or higher to perform at its best

Written by Neil Soutter on Fri, Jun 17, 2022 9:27 PM

Despite no official release date yet for Intel’s first generation of Arc graphics cards, known as Intel Arc Alchemist for this generation, the Blue Team has finally revealed the official requirements for their GPU hardware. Surprisingly, it should also work with AMD CPUs…

For “optimal performance” Intel has stated that Resizable BAR “must be enabled”, which is only available on Intel 10th gen processors and above. However, Intel also slyly confirmed that AMD’s version of Resize BAR known as Smart Access Memory will also work, pretty much confirming Intel Arc Alchemist GPUs will also work with AMD CPUs as well.

Here’s the full requirements for Intel Arc Alchemist graphics cards:


Intel Arc Alchemist Supported Hardware Configurations

CPU Motherboard
12th Gen Intel Core Processors Intel 600 Series motherboard with Resizable BAR support enabled*
11th Gen Intel Core Processors10th Gen Intel Core Processors Intel 500 Series motherboard with Resizable BAR support enabled*Intel 400 Series motherboard with Resizable BAR support enabled*

*Additional platforms/motherboards with Resizable BAR / Smart Access Memory enabled may also support Intel® Arc™ A-Series graphics.

Intel Arc Alchemist Operating System Requirements

  • Windows® 10 64-bit 20H2 or newer
  • Windows 11* 64-bit
  1. Confirm the Operating System is using the GPT partition type:
  2. For Windows 11, this mode is configured by default.
  3. For Windows 10, the partition type can be converted if installed with a MBR partition type.
  4. Refer to the Microsoft Tool & Guide for more information.

Intel Arc Alchemist Motherboard Requirements

  • Full-size PCI Express 3.0 (or newer) x16 slot
  • Resizable (Re-Size) BAR

How to enable Resizable BAR:

  1. Enter the system’s BIOS/UEFI firmware configuration menu by pressing the DEL key during system start up. This may vary between each system manufacturer, please check with your system manufacturer for specific instructions as necessary.
  2. Compatibility Support Module (CSM) must be disabled and UEFI boot mode must be Enabled.
  3. Ensure the following settings are set to Enabled (or Auto if the Enabled option is not present):
  • Above 4G Decoding
  • Re-Size BAR Support

The Resizable BAR option may be described as Re-Size BAR, Smart Access Memory, or Clever Access Memory. Contact the system manufacturer for specific details.

Use your system’s latest motherboard firmware supporting Resizable BAR.

Refer to your system manufacturer's support page for further details.


Interestingly, Intel Arc Alchemist graphics cards will require your Operating System to be using the GPT partition type, which is enabled by default on Windows 11. But you may need to convert it from the MBR partition type on Windows 10. Thankfully, Intel has provided a handy tool to check whether your PC is ready for Intel Arc GPUs.

Intel has not yet said how performance will be affected by hardware that does not support resizable BAR, like Intel 9th gen CPUs or lower. But it’s expected that the new GPUs will still work with unsupported hardware, you just may not get the best performance out of your new cards.

What do you think? Are you excited for Intel Arc Alchemist graphics cards? How do you feel about the hardware requirements? Do you meet them or fall just under them? And will you be upgrading your PC to support Intel Arc GPUs? Let us know!

Do you meet or exceed or fall below the Intel Arc Alchemist requirements?

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09:08 Jun-19-2022

I was considering upgrading my old PC & staying with Intel with them bringing their own GPU', but now with more propriety hardware from tech companies (Nvidia) to make more e waste / money; I'm seriously thinking AMD.

02:21 Jun-19-2022

I was actually interested in buying one just for my collection, but will have to pass as my computer doesn't meet the ridiculous requirements.

21:54 Jun-18-2022

This is fcking bullsh!t. The incessant need of companies to manufacture new artificial reasons to sell you unnecessary newer product versions is kind of getting to an absurd point right now. Like any sh!t practice this started within the smartphone industry and has now bled into DIY computer space.

Also if Intel wants to build and stay within a walled garden like Apple, they may choose to do so. But unlike Apple acquired hundreds of millions of customers first, Intel can have the garden all to itself and sit in it alone shoving its GPUs where the sun don't shine.

15:59 Jun-18-2022

Well that's one way of making sure they'll stay in stock

08:01 Jun-18-2022

ARC GPU will not work on AMD processors?

08:20 Jun-18-2022

I was thinking the same when reading the title XD

admin approved badge
00:26 Jun-21-2022

it will but won't perform at its best.


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