Intel Arc A380 entry level graphics card is already selling for nearly $600 in China

Written by Stuart Thomas on Mon, Jun 20, 2022 7:27 PM

We have still yet to know when exactly Intel is planning to launch their Arc Alchemist graphics cards in the West, but so far the Blue Team seems to be slowly trickling out their GPUs in China, starting with an entry level card. Unfortunately, despite graphics cards going down in price thanks to a recent crypto crash, the budget card is selling for major money.

The Intel Arc A380 is an entry level GPU, sporting 8 Xe Cores (1024 shader units), 6GB of GDDR6 video memory, a maximum clock speed of 2450MHz and a TBP of 92W. The original price for the GPU was 1030 Yen (around $150), but a Chinese retailer has already listed the card for 3999 Yen ($595).


It’s possible that the retailer is trying to cash in on the latest GPU craze, which saw prices of graphics cards inflated way beyond MSRP, in most cases due to a major rise in cryptocurrency mining. Or it could be due to early adoption hype from Intel’s first major desktop GPUs, but either way the price is way above the original listed MSRP.

Thankfully, some photos of the graphics card were snapped from all angles, revealing the entire card’s design and PCB. Although this is meant for entry level PC owners, the Arc A380 has 4 video ports, including 3 DisplayPort 1.4 outputs and 1 HDMI 2.1 port (at least for this particular custom design).

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1319e33b-da05-4b28-a71c-9de5e6c96464.jpg 7167db71-1849-4ab7-a33a-7fdc14681ad3.jpg

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Hopefully if that price drops down we’ll see more people get their hands on Intel’s first GPU in the wild. So far, leaked benchmarks aren’t very impressive, but they’re also not entirely reliable at the moment. Additionally, this might mean a release for the West is closer than we think!

Either way, Intel needs to get their new cards out before Nvidia and AMD announce their own next-gen GPUs like the RTX 40 series or RX 7000 series, as they are projected to offer significant performance improvements over the last generation, which Intel has been targeting for their Arc Alchemist cards.

What do you think? Are you excited for Intel Arc Alchemist? How do you feel about the specs listed above? And how do you feel about the price? Why do you think the price is so much higher than MSRP despite a recent crypto crash? And when do you think Intel’s first GPUs will actually launch? Let us know your thoughts!

Why do you think the Arc A380 is well above MSRP in China?

What do you think of the Intel Arc A380 design?

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18:08 Jun-29-2022

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03:30 Jun-27-2022

There will be two different opposing streams. One is the customers who care about the price first, they will prefer the GPUs with the right price for their money, but many people also care about the quality of the product. Personally, I care more about quality than price 1v1 battle

00:00 Jun-21-2022

They are using TSMC, it's to be expected, if anything they are making shortages worse, even though GPU prices for the rx 6500 xt, rx 6400 and rx 6600 non-XT at MSRP now. I have a feeling Nvidia gave fake MSRPs for the RTX 3000 series, since the RTX 3050 is 350-400 euro still.

admin approved badge
23:35 Jun-20-2022

I think price is mixed result of early adoption and probably them not having that much supply, since it is only one retailer and they know that people will likely pay in hopes to get sample too early. I wouldn't, but then again, some people will gladly risk it for possibility to release early benchmarks or bragging rights.

As for design, It is usual two fan design. You could call it "boring", but to be honest, as someone who doesn't really care about aesthetics, I can definitely appreciate "boring" two fan design. Even, if it is nothing special. And by all means, I would love to see more deviation from classic designs. What I really care about is whether card performs and considering that their current gen competitor might have to compete with next gen, if it gets any further delayed, they better have some ace up their sleeve, even if it is very aggressive prices.


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