RTX 3090 Ti now $500 cheaper, more RTX 30 GPU price cuts in preparation for RTX 40 launch

Written by Chad Norton on Thu, Jul 14, 2022 3:51 PM
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The past 2 years have been pretty tough on gamers looking to buy new hardware. On top of limited supply we’ve also had to deal with inflated GPU prices. Thankfully, prices are dropping across the world thanks to a recent crypto crash, and in preparation for their next-gen cards Nvidia is officially slashing prices on their top-end graphics cards…

Nvidia has yet to officially announce the price cuts, but online stores have already started displaying the new retail prices. They only apply to the top-end variants including the RTX 3090 Ti, RTX 3090, RTX 3080 Ti, and RTX 3080 12GB. Depending on the model, you could be saving a massive $500! Here are the new RTX 30 series promotional prices:

RTX 30 series promotional prices

GPU Original MSRP Promotion price
RTX 3090 Ti $1999 $1499
RTX 3090 $1499 $1299
RTX 3080 Ti $1199 $1099
RTX 3080 12GB - $799*

*RTX 3080 12GB did not launch with an official MSRP. However, it is part of the promotion apparently, so it’s unclear how much you’re supposedly saving there.

Additionally, Nvidia is offering up a ‘4 game bundle’ when you purchase any one of the above GPUs, which is actually 2 games technically because it includes GhostWire: Tokyo and DOOM Eternal, as well as the Year One Pass which includes the 2 standalone expansion packs for DOOM: The Ancient Gods Part One, and The Ancient Gods Part Two.

Obviously these prices are really enticing after 2 years of inflated prices. It comes at the obvious Summer Sale time (and right after Prime Day 2022 conveniently), so obviously Nvidia wants to jump onto the sale, which they will be officially announcing at some point this week.

Since they haven’t officially announced the sale yet though, we do not know how long the promotion will last for. Though there is a high likelihood that it will continue on until the RTX 40 series launch, or even past that. Either way, the deal is now available from most online retailers.

However, this is an obvious attempt at clearing out old stock before the new RTX 40 series launches later this year. The RTX 3080 and up to the RTX 3090 Ti are all Nvidia’s highest performing cards, which are also the first ones to launch at the start of a new generation. 

Then again, we have no idea what the availability will be like for the RTX 40 series at launch, as even though the recent crypto crash has reduced interest in graphics cards from miners, scalpers can still be a major problem at the RTX 40 release. So maybe now really is a good time to get an RTX 30 card before the new ones sell out or get inflated prices as well.

What do you think? Have you been trying to buy an RTX 30 series GPU recently? Will you be getting one in the new promotion? Is now a good time to get one? Or should you still wait for the RTX 40 series later this year? Let us know!

Have you been trying to get one of these RTX 30 GPUs recently?

Should you buy one of these GPUs at its new promotional price? Or should you still wait for RTX 40 series?

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22:33 Jul-14-2022

I will get me something like RTX3060Ti or more likely RX6700XT considering how Radeons are dropping prices lower, I want upgrade and don't want to wait for something like 4060Ti to get released like 3-6 months after RTX4090/4080. But I am still waiting a bit in case prices drop further, nVidia is bit desperate to sell piled stock, same issue AMD had at the end of previous mining crisis with RX400/500 series. Plus I wonder if nVidia will try to delay RTX4000. They surely are avoiding setting exact release date for something that should be exciting for the company. Nevertheless, I just don't feel like waiting and then waiting for initial low stock to settle, it won't be as bad as it was, but a lot of people are waiting and there is just so much stock they can push out in first batches world wide.

As for whether people should buy, I will say what I always say, don't buy because it got cheap, don't buy because new thing came out, buy when your old card can't do what you need it to do with good enough level of performance. Something is always coming and of course you always benefit from waiting, but waiting is endless game. Industry won't just hold up so you can catch up. So just pull the trigger when you need it, unless new stuff is like month or two away with official release date that has been announced by company itself. For me currently, it just happens that I am not entirely happy with my 1070 anymore, it is definitely holding well for like 6 year old card, but in the end, no matter how well it is holding up, it still is 6 years old card and it performs as such. Which is fine in some games and not as great in others.

10:43 Jul-15-2022

Also, there are no real huge AAA games pushing the graphics forward this time around (as cp2077 was for 30 series). I do think that the next gen gpus marketing people will have their hand full trying to figure out how to market these.

16:16 Jul-14-2022

This is great evidence that they can't move cards with their MSRP`s, miners are flooding the second hand market and demand is non extent. They are trying to reduce orders of rtx40 series from TSMC. The smartest thing anyone can do right now is watch nvidia and their partners squirm on their overpriced stock that's collecting dust and maybe just maybe they have to release the 40 series with a more down to earth price. The world economics are on a downtrend, inflation running rampant we might see a repeat of rtx20 series that they couldn't move.


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