Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Remake has reportedly been delayed indefinitely

Written by Stuart Thomas on Wed, Jul 27, 2022 9:39 PM
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There are a lot of Star Wars games out there, but many fans will agree that some of the best titles were the original Knights of the Old Republic RPGs, developed by the then-iconic BioWare studio. Thankfully, an official remake was announced recently, but a new report states that it has now been delayed indefinitely amid a studio shakeup…

According to the report, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Remake had an internal release date of 2022, but developers at Aspyr believe 2025 is a more realistic launch window. That’s a pretty big discrepancy, and part of the reason that the title has allegedly been delayed indefinitely in order to refocus management.

Apparently, executives at both LucasFilm and Sony were disappointed after seeing a vertical slice demo, and fired several key managers a week later. As such, there are rumors the project will be headed by a new developer, and that Aspyr will go on to seek different projects. Although there was never an official release date announced, it sounds like it will be a little while longer before we get to see anything from the Star Wars KOTOR Remake.

What do you think? Are you excited for the SW KOTOR Remake? What would you like to see changed/improved in the remake? Have you played the original games? Let us know your thoughts!


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08:13 Aug-01-2022

Apparently back when they were looking into who would make it and publish it they first went to Microsoft over sony and aspire, but that was all the way back before Phil spencer head honcho at Xbox, and so Xbox being the dumpster fire it was at the time the higher-ups at Microsoft said no. and so that leads us to today and here. Sony agreed to publish it but refused to make it, after all what studio did they have that wasn't busy that could do Kotor justice, so it went to aspire, and now it's in shambles. It would be great that with Xbox going in the direction they are, and with so many studios if Phil would talk to Lucasfilm Games and get this game done.

19:55 Jul-28-2022

What a surprise. Let a !^%# company who has never made a game before make a huge game and lo and behold, they can't. Shocked. Totally shocked I tells yeah. So much of the video game industry is run by complete and utter morons and jack asses.


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