Forspoken gets 10 minutes of new gameplay that show how it actually plays

Written by Stuart Thomas on Wed, Aug 24, 2022 10:54 PM
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Square Enix may be on a weird streak at the moment, and one of their upcoming titles has proven to be one of their most divisive. Thankfully, the developers have just released an extra 10 minutes of official gameplay during Gamescom 2022 that shows off how it actually plays…

Forspoken was recently delayed to January 24th 2023, and so far opinions are pretty divided on it. The latest gameplay overview trailer should hopefully clear some questions up for a lot of people though, as it delves into a lot of the systems and mechanics found within Forspoken.

We’ll be surprised if Forspoken manages to target the February 2023 release, judging by how many times it has been delayed already and the current fan reaction. Either way, we’ll likely hear and see more of Forspoken over the coming months, and hopefully we’ll get to see the official PC system requirements by then.

So what do you think? Are you excited for Forspoken? How do you feel about the gameplay shown above? Does it look better or worse than when you last saw it? Let us know your thoughts!

Are you excited for Forspoken?

Does the gameplay above look better or worse than last time?

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07:59 Sep-23-2022

slope 2 unblocked is the most recent game in the Slope series, and it requires players to use their sense of balance while avoiding obstacles and collecting diamonds to get more balls.

16:18 Sep-11-2022

There are many online games that entertain us very well. I usually play run 3 after every hour of work, this is an extremely interesting and engaging endless runner game

13:24 Aug-25-2022

The combat looks cool but this whole open world with "points of interest" and side fetch quest really needs to stop and die already , developers should start thinking of new ways to design open world , Elden Ring and Zelda BOTW already did that.

13:02 Aug-25-2022

They got a better narrator for the voice over yet I can't help but think this game would seem a lot better if the actual protagonist didn't sound so cringe.


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