This year is the 20th anniversary of the Jurassic Park films and what better way to celebrate than with a Half-life 2 mod?

The mod itself is called "Welcome to Jurassic Park" and is being made by a small group of people who have been working on the code for over six years...

Half-life 2 Jurassic Park Mod

The mod is going to be released on the 2nd of February. I can't wait to go dino hunting but I've got a confession to make: I don't own Half-Life 2. After finding out about this, though, I think I might have to give Valve a bit more of my money.

The developers have said that the story is going to be nearly the same as the film but will include some new miscellaneous parts. Recent dino games have been a bit of a let down and so I am hoping that this delivers.

I'd love to know your thoughts on this mod and any other awesome mods that are coming out soon.

Here's the trailer for it.