Half-Life 2, a classic and one of the best experiences to date. So when Valve announced that three short episodes would be created, we all got understandably excited.

But you know how this ends. Rumours and hearsay lead us all to wonder where Episode 3 and 4 ever got to...

Even though Half-Life is, according to many, one of the best games ever made, it's also arguably a mess. Valve announced that Half-Life would in total have 4 episodes, but episode 3 and 4 are still nowhere to be found.

HL2: Episode 4, also known as Return To Ravenhold was cancelled some years back but the fansite Valve Time however, have just released screenshots suggesting it is still possibly a pipe dream to cling to.

Just in case you have know idea about games then let me remind you that HL2: Episode 1 and 2 are already released. The extra episodes were supposed to expand the story around Gordon Freeman, and weren't being developed by Valve themselves. Instead Arkane Studios (known for Bioshock 2 and Dishonored) had been the guys charged with their development, but they seem to be churning out lots of other cool games instead. Let's not even start on Half-Life 3. ;)

Apart from that, we still havent heard any word from Valve on HL2: Episode 3. So take a look at ValveTimes screenshots below and be sure to pop over to their site to check out their other investigative HL2 info.




The site claims the images are real, however we cannot be fully sure. This of course doesn't mean we will still get episode 4, as they are most likely dug up from some older secret 'files'.

Do you guys think HL2 episode 4 is going to ever see the light of day And for that matter HL2: episode 3?