Most Dota 2 players have a favourite hero, one they know inside-out. This is the hero that has lead them to many victories.

No more says Valve, if you wish to participate in this new game-mode..

Valve has added a new mode, in which players cannot select and use their twenty most-used hero's. This way players will be forced to explore new hero's and stay away from their old trusty hero.

The mode is called 'Least-Played', and is currently already live. You will be able to choose from 76 (of 96 total) characters, as your twenty most-used ones are excluded. There are no further differences in this game-mode.

The recent patch that added the game-mode also brought some other changes: the Warlock- and Drow-ranger bot and new possibilities in the steam-workshop. Alongside this a few bugs have been resolved.


The game is still in open-beta, and currently has 3 million active players, and the amount is counting. Would you like to enter the open-beta? Game-Debate will be giving out 13 beta keys to those who contact Warmice with their steam-details first.