Oh my gosh! GTA V PC release hints!

Unfortunately, it's not more than that. Mere hints are all we have at the moment. But a fresh rumour that there may be a PC release of GTA V has surfaced...

GTA V PC Release Rumour

Amazon France, who famously leaked the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 back in February of last year, are currently listing a PC version of GTA V for sale. So could the French version of the global megastore be the new videogame Nostradamus?

Here's to hoping. But this is just a ghost of a rumour at the moment, of course, with no public announcement from Rockstar as of yet. We've contacted Rockstar directly for comment.

Every other GTA has managed to make it to PC sooner or later, so perhaps this is all just a marketing tactic. What are your views on it all? Break the window of the comments box, clamber in, and leave a comment!