Starbreeze, the developers of last year's sci-fi shooter, Syndicate, are working on a new IP. It will go by the name of 'Storm', and will be another sci-fi shooter.

Word about the new shooter escaped from Starbreeze themselves...

Starbreeze hasn't officially announced the shooter. However they placed it next to the other projects they are currently working on (Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons and Payday 2). Starbreeze have also bought the development team 'Overkill', known for creating the original Payday.

The game will be a co-operative sci-fi shooter. All we known is that it is currently in development. Due to the absence of an official launch, details are sketchy. A platform is also not stated. However, going off of their other games and future projects, a release on PC is very likely.


Will this be a title to look forward to?